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11kV Termination - Single Core XLPE EPR Heat Shrink Cable Terminations

Cable Terminations 11kV 33kV | Single & 3 Core | Medium & High Voltage Cables MV HV

Nexans cable terminations are suitable for connecting and terminating 33kV 3 core polymeric cables with stranded copper or aluminium conductors, 50-400sqmm.

33kV terminations connect medium/high voltage power cables with polymeric insulation including XLPE and EPR to MV-HV switchgear, transformers and cable boxes – termination kits suit 3 core bonded or easy strip semi-conductive screens.

Note: MV-HV cables distributing 33kV power should always be prepared using correct cable jointing tools.

33kV cable terminations suit both copper tape screened (CTS) and copper wire screened (CWS), armoured (steel wire/braid) or unarmoured cables – 3 core heat shrink terminations are supplied with sufficient materials to effectively terminate a 3 core cable end into medium/high voltage switchgear or transformer up to 33kV.

33kV cable terminations are tested to international standards including CENELEC HD629.1 and IEC60502-4.

33kV Terminations 3 Core Cables

  • 33kV 3 Core PVC XLPE SWA Armoured Cable BS6622 IEC60502
  • 33kV 3 Core LSZH Zero Halogen XLPE SWA Armoured Cable BS7835 IEC60502
  • 33kV 3 Core EPR Insulated Copper Wire Screen Cables
  • 33kV Cables with copper tape screen require Nexans SE solderless screen earth kits
  • Indoor Air Termination Cable Boxes, Switchgear, Transformers, Motors, Junction Box Enclosures & Substations
  • Outdoor Overhead Line (OHL) & Pole Mounted Cable Terminations
  • GIS Gas Insulated Switchgear Bushings – see Nexans Euromold Separable Connectors
  • More MV HV Cable Terminations

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Complete range of 33kV cable accessories are available to support the installation and termination of 3 core cables.

Terminations 11kV 33kV

Cable Glands | Screen Earth Kits | Cable Lugs (Crimp Shearbolt) | Bushing Boots

33kV Cable Cleats & Glands

33kV Cable Cleats 33kV Cable Glands

T&D distribute an extensive range of 33kV cable cleats for trefoil cleating of single core cables and fault-rated cable glands for high voltage power systems | Ellis Patents Cleats | CMP Cable Glands

The following selection tables enable the correct specification of 33kV 3 core cable terminations:

33kV Indoor Terminations

Nexans Order Code  Cable Voltage Conductor Range – 3 Core Cables  Cable Termination Tails
SRDI 36 50-95  33kV 50, 70, 95sqmm  650mm
SRDI 36 150-240  33kV 150, 185, 240sqmm  650mm
SRDI 36 240-500  33kV 240, 300, 400, 500sqmm  650mm

33kV Outdoor Terminations

Nexans Order Code  Cable Voltage  Conductor Range – 3 Core Cables  Cable Termination Tails
SRDF 36 50-95 33kV 50, 70, 95sqmm  650mm
SRDF 36 150-240 33kV 150, 185, 240sqmm  650mm
SRDF 36 240-500 33kV 240, 300, 400, 500sqmm  650mm


     * Outdoor cable terminations – where cable termination core lengths need extending to permit connection of cable to overhead line networks standard 33kV termination kits can be supplied with lengthened tails (anti-track heat shrink). Nexans SRDI range of heat shrink cable terminations are suitable for following medium/high voltage power cable voltages:
    6/10 (12kV)
    6.6/11 (12kV)
    8.7/15 (17.5kV)
    12/20 (24kV)
    12.7/22 (24kV)
    18/30 (36kV)
    19/33 (36kV)
Cable Termination 33kV Design
  1. Cable Lugs (Cembre Crimp Lugs or Pfisterer Sicon Mechanical Lugs)
  2. Water Sealing Mastic
  3. Anti Tracking Heat Shrink Tube (Red)
  4. Stress Control Heat Shrink Tube (Black)
  5. Stress Control Mastic
  6. Anti-Track Rain Sheds (Outdoor Cable Terminations)
    33kV Terminations Single Core XLPE EPR Heat Shrink Cable Terminations
33kV Cable Termination Stripping Dimensions
Cable Termination Voltages (Max kV) L Indoor Termination (mm) L Outdoor Termination (mm)
6.6kV/7.2kV 250 300
11kV/17.5kV 250 300
24kV 300 350
33kV/36kV 350 480


33kV Cables - Copper Wire v Copper Tape Screen Termination

33kV Cables – Copper Wire v Copper Tape Screen Termination

Nexans Euromold Bushings | Surge Arresters MV HV

Joint Terminate Connect MV HV Cables 11kV 33kV

Joint Terminate Connect MV HV Cables 11kV 33kV | 3M | Pfisterer


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