3M LVBT-2/1 Scotchcast T-Branch Cable Joint Resin Kit (40 Resin) – Unarmoured Cables

3M 91-AB 11x Scotchcast Inline & Branch Cable Joints (470W Resin) - Unarmoured Cables

3M LVBT-2/1 Scotchcast T-Branch Cable Joint Resin Kit (40 Resin) – Unarmoured Cables


3M LVBT-2/1 Scotchcast resin cable joint kit is designed to be used for single, and multi core unarmoured, polymeric, low voltage power and energy cables up to 600V/1000V – the T-Branch cable joint is also suitable for use with single core cables up to 5kV when used with the appropriate cable connector.

3M LVBT-2/1 Scotchcast cable joints incorporate electrical insulation and mechanical protection of joints with compression or mechanical connectors– the cable joints can be used for indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications with high humidity or weather exposure.

3M Scotchcast hazardous area cable joints are also available for jointing power, pilot and instrumentation cables in Zone 1 and Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres.

3M LVBT-2/1 Scotchcast T-Branch Cable Joint Resin Kit (40 Resin)


  • Scotchcast 40 resin in transparent two chamber bags with integrated Closed Mixing system
  • Two part (upper and lower) mould shelves with Snap Fit closing system for quick and easy handling
  • Transparent Mould Body for easy control of connector distances in the joint
  • Pouring funnel for easy resin pouring into the mould
  • Closure plug to prevent pollution
  • Detailed installation instruction

3m Cable Joint description – LVBT-2/1

3M Scotchcast LVBT-2/1 will be delivered with two part (upper and lower) transparent mould shelves for simple and easy handling. Distances inside the body can be checked easily.

3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints

Scotchcast Joints – Safe & Reliable Resins

All necessary dimensions including application range, cable preparation are given in the detailed jointing instruction.

Scotchcast resin 40 is delivered in a two chamber bag and aluminium Guard Bag for protection against humidity.

The re-openable seam and integrated spout with a membrane provides a 3M Closed, Mixing and Pouring (pictured) cable jointing system.

After curing, the remaining joint resin in the bag can be disposed as household waste.

3M Cable Joints

3M Scotchcast Joints – resin cable joints for power, control and instrumentation cables in industrial and hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2.

3M LVBT-2/1 Scotchcast T-Branch Cable Joint Resin Kit (40 Resin)

Unarmoured Cables

3M Electrical Part Number Max Cable OD Accommodated Branch Cable OD Accommodated 
3M LVBT-2/1 12.7 – 20.5mm Up to 9.5mm


3M Scotchcast 40 Resin

3M Scotchcast Resin 40 is a non-filled, 2 part polyurethane cable jointing resin for temperature curing – the Scotchcast Resin has been specifically designed for electrical insulation and mechanical protection of resin cable joints.

The 3M Scotchcast 40 Resin is classified as LIW (low voltage insulation water curable) according Cenelec HD 631.1 S2 Standard. Once cured, the resin provides impact resistance and durability against moisture and atmospheric corrosion. Continuous operating temperature of installed product is -40°C to + 110°C.

Scotchcast 40 Resin is in compliance with EU regulation 1907/2007/EC (REACH).

For other information, relevant for the usage of the resin, like Gel-Time, Pot-Life, viscosity, density etc. please see the relevant Data Sheet attached below.

Cable Joints 3M - 3M LVI-1/x

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