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Cable Heating Blankets & Jackets for Cable Straightening

PFISTERER range of Cable Heaters & Cable Straighteners are used to provide electric surface heating to the cable outersheath and XLPE insulation of medium/high voltage power cables prior to the installation of Joints, Terminations & Connectors– this includes the PFISTERER CONNEX range of inner cone plug cable terminations for connecting MV HV power cables with polymeric insulation into bushings located on gas insulated switchgear.

Cable Heater Blanket Specification

  • Cable Heater Length: 2 Metres
  • Power Output: 526W
  • Power Supply Voltage: 110VAC
  • Cable Heater Weight: 4kg
  • Suit MV HV Cable Diameters: 90-120mm
  • Carrying Case Included

Pfisterer Cable Heating Jackets Are now available in two variations:

Specification: EL-HVJ-P, Heating Jackets for HV Cables

Jacket Flat Dimensions 400(w) x 1200(l) 500(w) x 2000(l)
Heating Power 135W 325W
Supply Voltage 110 VAC 110 VAC
Control (EL-CON) Electronic thermostat with LED Electronic thermostat with LED
Dial Setting 0-90°C* 0-90°C*
Fastenings Side release buckles with adjustable tethers Side release buckles with adjustable tethers
Carry Case Rigid injection moulded (570x445x200mm) 570x445x200mm)


PFISTERER CONNEX pluggable cable termination and connection solutions for gas insulated switchgears (GIS) and transformers as well as dry outdoor terminations and substation sealing ends for both medium and high voltage power cable systems up to 132kV.

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Test Connecting Parts | Earth & Current Test Connectors | Test Leads | Cable Sockets | Dummy Plugs | Blind Caps

The cable heaters, manufactured by PFISTERER, are simply placed around the cable, wrapped and strapped using adjustable side tethers, to position the heater into direct contact with the outer sheath of the MV HV cable – the cable heaters are used in conjunction with 2 metre length aluminium cable straightening rails (weight 9.5kg). Manufactured from high quality protective materials the cable heater jacket provides durable performance in onshore and offshore cable trench, tower and substation locations.

The cable heaters are typically used to heat polymeric type XLPE insulated cables: 33kV 66kV 132kV.

Polymeric XLPE cables have a tendency to bend – this can give rise to problems associated with the fitting of medium/high voltage cable terminations, connectors or straight joints. The cable heating jackets provide a solution to the need for a heat treatment process to be applied to each cable core to relieve the mechanical stresses that are locked into the cable insulation – this eliminates the behaviour inclination of the cable to recoil as the heat allows physical cable manipulation and straightening by the HV Jointer.
Cable Heater Blankets

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