Ellis 1F-15 LUL LSF B Plastic Cable Clamps

Ellis 1F-15 LUL LSF B Plastic Cable Clamps

Ellis Cable Cleats

Single Cable Cleats 

Ellis 1F-15 single hole cable clamps are manufactured by Ellis Patents from plastic and are designed as standard in 3 material options:

  • B Black Polpropylene
  • LSF Low Smoke Fume (Flame Retardant V0 Zero Halogen) Nylon
  • LUL London Underground Ltd Approved Material

LUL approved Ellis Patents 1F Single/One Hole Cable Clamps/Cleats are compliant with the requirement of London Underground (LU) Standard 1-085. Product Register No.363 – contact us for further information about our complete range of LV MV HV Rail Cable Accessories with LU London Underground and Network Rail approvals.

LUL Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents 1F-15 cable cleats are suitable for securing single-way power cables between 27-32mm overall cable diameter.

1 Hole Plastic Cable Clamps form part of the Ellis Patents range of single cable cleats – also available as aluminium 2 hole plastic cable clamps with an overall cable diameter between 38-168mm.

Ellis Cable Clamp 1F-15

Technical Specification

  • Cable Clamp Diameter Min 27mm
  • Cable Clamp Diameter Max 32mm
Ellis 1F-15 LUL LSF B Plastic Cable Clamps

Ellis 1F-15 LUL LSF B Plastic Cable Clamps 27-32mm

Ellis patents 1F-15 Clamp Dimensions

  • Material Suffix – (B) Black polypropylene, (LSF) black flame retardant V0 zero halogen phosphorus free Nylon, (LUL) London Underground approved material
  • Width 57.1mm
  • Height 44.0mm
  • Clamp Depth 41.4mm
  • E 11.6mm
  • 1 x M 10 Clamp Fixing Holes
  • Weight (B) 29.2g, (LSF) 39.0g, (LUL) 47.6g


Specification details for Ellis Patents 1F-15 Plastic 1 Hole Single Cable Clamps for single cable applications:

1 Hole Plastic Cable Clamp Part Number Material Suffix Cable Dia Range (mm) Dimensions  (mm) Fixing Hole Pack Qty Weight (g)
1F-15 B/LSF/LUL 27-32 57.1 44.0 41.4 11.6 1 x M10 100 29.2 39.0 47.6

Ellis 1F-15 LUL LSF B Plastic Cable Clamps

1 Hole Plastic Single Cable Clamps – Installation Instructions
1. Position the cable clamp and fixing (not supplied) onto the support structure. Position the cable clamp Position the cable clamp
2. Install cable. Install the cable Install the cable
3. Locate the other half of the cable clamp. Secure with a nut and washer (not supplied) to the support structure and tighten. Locate the other half of the cable clamp Locate the other half of the cable clamp
4. Important: Do not over tighten the clamp. The clamp should secure the cable but does not need to be so tight that the cable bulges at either side of the clamp or becomes angled excessively. Do not overtighten the cable clamp Do not overtighten the cable clamp


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