Ellis Patents 1 Hole Single Cable Clamps – LSF LUL London Underground Approved

Ellis Patents 1 Hole Single Cable Clamps 10-57mm – Plastic (LSF LUL Approved)

Cable Clamps

Single Hole Cable Clamps

Single Cable Cleats

  • Manufactured By Ellis Patents
  • Cable Cleat Type – Single Cables
  • Material – Nylon (Plastic)
  • Cleat Range Single Cables – 10-57mm
  • LU London Underground Approved

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, stock the complete range of cable cleats and cable hangers manufactured by Ellis Patents including Single Hole cleats with LU London Underground approval for short circuit retention and cable protection of LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) cable systems in single-way or trefoil installation.

Ellis Patents Single Hole cable clamps are plastic single cable cleats for cable diameters ranging from 10-57mm.

Ellis Patents 1 hole plastic cable cleats are designed to provide an excellent flame retardant solution with very low emissions of toxic fumes and smoke.

The 1 hole plastic cable cleats are suited to 10-57mm cable diameters with a single bolt hole fixing and are used to fix power, signal or telecoms rail cables in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The plastic cable cleats are available in black polypropylene, black flame retardant zero halogen phosphorus free nylon (LSF) and made to order London Underground approved material (LUL).

International Standard IEC 61914:2009

Ellis Patent cable cleats with international specifications are used to clamp and retain LV MV HV cables including 11kV and 33kV networks depending on short-circuit calculations according to IEC61914 calculations.

LUL Cable Cleats

LUL (London Underground) Approved Cable Cleat (ID 1259)

Installing Cable Cleats

Installation instructions for single way cables using Single Hole Cable Clamps manufactured by Ellis Patents:

1. Position the cable clamp and fixing (not supplied) onto the support structure Position the cable clamp Position the cable clamp
2. Install cable Install the cable Install the cable
3. Locate the other half of the cable clamp. Secure with a nut and washer (not supplied) to the support structure and tighten Locate the other half of the cable clamp Locate the other half of the cable clamp
4. Important: Do not over tighten the clamp. The clamp should secure the cable but does not need to be so tight that the cable bulges at either side of the clamp or becomes angled excessively

Ellis Patents 1 Hole Cable Clamps Testing Information

Should you require test samples or further specification details about single hole cable clamps please contact us:

Properties BS EN 61914:2009 Classification Clause Units / Classification 1 Hole Single Cable Clamp Application Test Data
(B / LSF)
Cleat Type 6.1, 6.1.2 Non-Metallic
Impact Resistance 6.2, 6.3.5 Very Heavy Classification (>5.0kg at 400mm) Pass
Resistance To Electro Mechanical Force 6.4 Refer to Ellis Patents for further details Refer to Ellis Patents for further details
Temperature for Permanent Application 6.2 ºC -40 to +60
Needle Flame Test 10.0, 10.1 Application Time (seconds) > 30 / > 120
Lateral Load Test 9.3 Newtons (N) 320 / 470
Axial Movement Test 9.4 Newtons (N) 160 / 360

Ellis Patents 1 Hole Single Cable Clamps 10-57mm – Plastic (LSF LUL Approved)


Ellis Patents 1 hole CABLE CLEAT – Single Cable Application Selection Table

➡ The following selection table provides information to enable the specification or purchase of the correct cable cleat – contact Thorne & Derrick for further technical information, installation advice, samples or to place an order.

1 Hole Plastic Cable Clamp Part Number Material Suffix Cable Dia Range (mm) Dimensions  (mm) Fixing Hole Pack Qty Weight (g)
Ellis Patents 1F-10 B/LSF/LUL 10-13 37.8 27.0 41.4 10.2 1 x M10 100 14.6 19.6 23.8
Ellis Patents 1F-11 B/LSF/LUL 13-16 41.2 30.0 41.4 10.4 1 x M10 100 17.0 23.0 27.7
Ellis Patents 1F-12 B/LSF/LUL 16-19 44.3 33.0 41.4 10.7 1 x M10 100 19.6 26.4 32.0
Ellis Patents 1F-13 B/LSF/LUL 19-23 48.2 36.0 41.4 10.9 1 x M10 100 22.4 30.2 36.5
Ellis Patents 1F-14 B/LSF/LUL 23-27 52.2 40.0 41.4 11.3 1 x M10 100 25.8 34.6 42.0
Ellis Patents 1F-15 B/LSF/LUL 27-32 57.1 44.0 41.4 11.6 1 x M10 100 29.2 39.0 47.6
Ellis Patents 1F-16 B/LSF/LUL 32-38 63.1 49.0 41.4 12.1 1 x M10 100 34.2 46.2 55.7
Ellis Patents 1F-17 B/LSF/LUL 38-46 71.3 58.0 41.4 12.9 1 x M10 50 47.8 64.0 77.9
Ellis Patents 1F-18 B/LSF/LUL 46-51 77.3 67.0 41.4 13.5 1 x M10 50 54.0 73.2 88.0
Ellis Patents 1F-19 B/LSF/LUL 51-57 83.2 72.0 41.4 13.9 1 x M10 50 59.0 80.4 96.2


Ellis Patents 1 Hole Single Cable Clamps 10-57mm – Plastic (LSF LUL Approved)


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The Video produced by Ellis Patents provides compelling evidence of the need to ensure all cables are adequately supported and retained to cable containment to protect against the devastating effects of short circuit faults: 118kA Short Circuit Fault Current | 0.1 Seconds Duration | 480V Low Voltage Cables. 

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