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Insulated Tool Set Cable Jointers Tool Kit 4

Insulated Tools

Insulated Tools For Live Line Working & Electrical Safety – full range of insulated tool kits for electrical engineers, cable jointers and overhead linesmen

  • Order Code Boddingtons Electrical 24011KIT4
  • *Tool Box – Professional 26″
  • Allen Key Driver 3mm
  • *Cable Core Wedge 225 x 25 x 38mm
  • Cable Cropper 250mm
  • *Continuity Bond 2 way
  • *Engineers File 10″ 1/2 Round 2nd Cut
  • *Engineer’s File 8″ Round 2nd cut
  • Engineer’s Pliers 200mm
  • Extension Bar 1/2″ Sq Drive 125mm
  • General Purpose Cover 450 x 250mm Groove Joint Pliers 300mm
  • Hack Knife 245mm Insulated
  • Hacksaw 300mm Blade
  • *Hepwedge Core Sep.160mm
  • Junior Hacksaw 150mm Blade
  • *Maxi Hepwedge Core Sep.262mm *Mini Hepwedge Core Sep.130mm Nut Spinner 8mm
  • Open Ended Spanner 13mm
  • Open Ended Spanner 17mm
  • Open Ended Spanner 19mm
  • Open Ended Spanner 7/16″ W
  • Ratchet – Reversible 1/2″ Sq Drive
  • *Rule – Plastic Measuring 2m Long Safety Clamp Short 45mm jaw
  • Saw – Depth Gauge 120mm blade 24tpi
  • Screwdriver 1.0 x 5.5 x 150mm
  • Screwdriver 1.6 x 10.0 x 200mm
  • Screwdriver PZ Size 2 x 100mm
  • Side Cutters 160mm
  • Socket 6pt 1/2″ Drive 13mm
  • Socket 6pt 1/2″ Drive 17mm Socket 6pt 1/2″ Drive 18mm Socket 6pt 1/2″ Drive 19mm *Tin Snips – 10″/250mm
  • Wedge – Hybrid Neutral
  • * Non insulated

➡ For the complete range of tool kits available please see insulated tools.

Insulated Tool Set Cable Jointers Tool Kit 4

Boddingtons Electrical 24011KIT4 Insulated Tools Kit Set

Live Working Insulated Tools

Insulated tools are used by utility contractors for safe cable preparation, jointing and working on waveform, wavecon, paper/lead low voltage distribution cables – see also cable jointing tools for stripping, cutting and removing sheath, insulation and screen from LV-HV cables.

Insulated Tools - LV MV HV Cable Jointers Tools Live Working

Insulated Tools – LV MV HV Cable Jointers Tools Live Working