3M Scotchcast Flexible Cable Joints Within The Port Authority & Container Handling Industry

Published 09 Oct 2019

3M M20 - 40-63mm Flexible Cable Repair & Joint

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3M Scotchcast

Flexible Cable Joints

The port authority and container handling industry is a key component in the backbone of the British economy. Directly employing 117,200 workers, contributing £7.9 Billion to the UK economy and providing £2 Billion in taxes as reported by Oxford Economics.

It is therefore essential that the industry runs in an efficient and seamless manner.

The uninterrupted supply of electrical power as well as and the redevelopment and expansion of ports around the UK means there are many kilometers of LV cable being used within the shipping industry.

3M Scotchcast Flexible Cable Joints Within The Port Authority & Container Handling Industry

Cable Joints

Conductix-Wampfler Flexible Cables – Maintaining Their Flexibility With 3M M20, M30 And M40 Cable Joints


Conductix-Wampfler are manufacturers of flexible LV cables used within the port authority and container handling industry. Cables are typically stored on large cable reels meaning they must be intrinsically flexible. This allows the cable to be reeled around a drum and re-coiled when required.

Conductix Flexible Cable On Reel With In Port Authority And Container Handling Industry

The cables have a multitude of special features, all of which enable the cables to be used effectively and efficiently within the industry. These features include:

  • An outer sheath with extreme resistance to aggressive environments
  • Very high resilience due to a very short lay stranding
  • High axial rigidity thanks to interlinked inner and outer sheaths
  • Great resistance to corkscrew due to reverse twist stranding
  • Stable construction and geometry based on extruded fillers
Conductix Wampfler Flexible Cable Reels

Conductix Wampfler Flexible Cable Reels

When multiple lengths of cable are being jointed together, it is imperative that their flexibility and bend radius is not compromised by the cable joints being used. The 3M Scotchcast M Series of cable joints and repair kits are a flexible, cold pour resin system designed for the permanent jointing and repair of flexible cables – this includes single and multi-core LV power cables.

Jointing Cables

Once installed, the 3M Electrical flexible cable joint using Scotchcast resin provides a waterproof seal that will not be compromised during cable installation. The flexiblity of the 3M Scotchcast M20, M30 and M40 range is such that they will remain intact and continue to perform during frequent coiling of the cables and direct burial or submerging of the joint.

Conductix Flexible Cables In The Shipping Industry

Conductix Flexible Cables In The Shipping Industry

Other benefits of the 3M Flexible Cable Jointing And Repair System include:

  • Simple installation
  • Non-vulcanising meaning no cost equipment is needed to install
  • Drastic reduction in repair times compared to vulcanising
  • Safer system due to the fact no heat is required to install the joint
  • High performance (can be reeled without the risk of sagging)
  • Provides a permanent joint/repair
  • Flame retardant resin

3M Flexible Cable Jointing And Repair System

3M Flexible Cable Jointing And Repair System

Flame, weather and abbrasion resistant, the 3M M20, M30 and M40 flexible cable joints are easy to install and available in a range of 3 sizes as shown below and are suitable for use on cables ranging from 40mm O/D up to 150mm O/D.

The resin to be used with this kit is supplied separately and only the 3M 2130 Flexible Resin is suitable for use with this range of kits. 

3M Scotchcast Flexible Cable Jointing and Repair System Specifications

Kit No Cable Size – Min (mm) Cable Size – Max (mm) Max Length Of Joint (mm) Mould Length
Quantity Of Resin Needed For Joint (Grammes)
M20 40 63 360 510 1200 (2xC Size Packs)
M30 47 100 520 740 2220 (3 x C & 2 x B Size Packs)
M40 27 150 813 1118 3600 (6 x C Size Packs)
Video: Conductix Wampfler Pre Assembled Festoon Systems – Fast & Easy Installation/Retrofit On-Site

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