Ellis Patents No-Bolts Cable Cleats Improve Electrical Safety Of Rail Cable Installations

Published 07 Mar 2019

Ellis Patents No-Bolts Cable Cleats Improve Electrical Safety Of Rail Cable Installations

Ellis Patents No-Bolts Cable Cleats Improve Electrical Safety Of Rail Cable Installations

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Cable Cleats For Rail Cables

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, stock and distribute the complete range of cable cleats and cable hangers manufactured by Ellis Patents including No Bolt cleats for short circuit retention and cable protection of LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) rail cable systems in single-way or trefoil installation.

Ellis Patents are market-leading innovators and manufacturers of cable cleats and clamps for high specification and high performance rail cable management systems including fire-resistant cleats with PADS Network Rail approvals.

Ellis Patents has evolved from being a manufacturer of traditional, standard cable cleats to a market leading innovator; solving installation and safety issues for the likes of Siemens and Balfour Beatty – an example was the development of the Ellis No Bolt cleat in response to a significant health and safety concern for the UK’s rail network owner, Network Rail. Here’s the story as told by Richard Shaw (Managing Director – Ellis Patents UK) in Electrical Engineering magazine in March last year.

For a long time we stressed the importance of correctly specified cable cleats, said Richard.

The key fact being that without correct specification all a cable cleat will do is provide a false sense of security. It would be like fitting seat belts to your car that might work.

Our view today is that the market is well aware of the need for correctly specified cleats.

Instead, our focus is now on what, and how we sell – a change that was first born out of a growing demand for project specific solutions.

I firmly believe that the extent of this drive to become the industry innovator can be encapsulated by just one product – the Ellis No Bolts Cable Cleat, which was developed in response to a major safety concern raised by Network Rail.

Ellis Patents No Bolts Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents No Bolts Cable Cleats

The Network Rail problem was to do with outer sheaths of live cables being breached during the installation of cable runs onto existing cleating infrastructure. The nub of the issue was that inLU LUL Cable Cleats order to accommodate new cables and cable cleats, existing cable clamps had to be dismantled, and longer bolts fed through to allow for the stacking of the new cable clamps.

The existing live cable then had to be placed back into the old cable clamps, and it was during this stage of the process that the long bolts were snagging the cable and allowing current to track into the containment system. This resulted in a number of earth faults and at least one engineer receiving a major electric shock.

Ellis Patents No-Bolts Cable Cleats Installation Guide

Ellis Patents No-Bolts Cable Cleats Installation Guide

Having been alerted of the issue our immediate thought was that the best way to resolve the problem was with a stackable cable cleat product, which would allow additional cable runs to be added without any need to disturb existing live cables, explained Richard. And unlike many other new product ideas, this initial thought was never usurped by a better one.

As the name suggests, the Ellis No Bolts cleat has no bolts. Instead it’s fastened with two keepers that lock into the top clamp and secure it into position within the base clamp – a process that is tool as well as bolt free. The stackable nature of the cable cleats is made possible by a recess in the top moulding, and a twist fit foot on the base moulding, which lock together with a simple quarter turn hand operation.

And the design innovation doesn’t stop with the cable cleat’s mechanics. The chosen manufacturing material by Ellis Patents is a high strength nylon specifically formulated to have sufficient low smoke properties to meet London Underground 1-085 specification.

And because of the non-metallic design, the Ellis cleat is impervious to the bi-metallic corrosion that causes problems in any number of harsh environments.

The crowning glory of the whole process was that the Ellis No Bolts cleat became the first cable cleat to be granted Network Rail’s very own PADs approval.

Cable Cleats Rail Cables Ellis Patents

The Ellis No Bolts cleat, from cable cleat and clamp innovator, Ellis Patents is an all polymeric stackable cable management product that is the first ever cable cleat to be granted PADS approval by Network Rail.

  • PADS 0111/120321 18-22mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC18-22
  • PADS 0111/120332 20-26mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC20-26
  • PADS 0111/120323 24-30mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC24-30
  • PADS 0111/120324 28-34mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC28-34
  • PADS 0111/120325 32-39mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC32-39
  • PADS 0111/120133 37-47mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC37-47
  • PADS 0111/120134 45-55mm Cable Cleat – Ellis NBC45-55

Ellis Patents take enormous pride in their innovative approach to cable cleat product development, and the way we are now seen as market innovators in all of our export markets, added Richard. The Ellis No Bolts cleat really is the perfect example of what we can achieve. Not only does it meet a specific customer requirement, it also tackles and addresses an installation and maintenance issue that affects LV MV HV electrical installations across the world and delivers the best possible commercial solution for such installations.

Since its launch, the Ellis No Bolt cable cleat has been named Innovative Industrial Product of the Year at the Electrical Industry Awards, and Business Innovation of the Year at the York Press Business Awards – the cable cleats are now being specified by rail network owners on a regular basis and was recently specified in the UK for the first time for use in the £800 million Wessex Rail Alliance’s Waterloo and Southwest upgrade project.

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

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