LV Jointer Training – LV1 Course Introduction to LV Cable Jointing (Wavecon) – Single & 3 Phase Services

Published 29 Jan 2019

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Jointer Training Course Accreditation – EUSR

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The provision of Jointer Training is a contentious topic in the UK Power Industry – standards are collapsing, craftmanship is devalued, pockets are hurting and an illusion clouds the market that some Trainers can wave a magic wand and create the perfect Jointer in 4 days.

OK, it’s not quite the Wild West but as a UK leading distributor of Jointing Equipment at Thorne & Derrick we hold a duty of responsibility to support the safe and reliable installation of these products by promoting excellent standards of workmanship.

Accredited training courses can protect power and people against the danger of fatal Volts.

LV1 Course

Seaton Power Solutions

This Jointer Training Course is written by and delivered on behalf of EUSKILLS. This organisation is an awarding body which works extensively with Distribution Network Operators and their associates.

EUSkills and partners have ascertained the correct level of training provision and agreed the standard across the Cable Jointing Industry.

Successful trainees receive Competence Cards detailing their skill set directly from EUSKILLS upon completion of the course. Backing from EUSkills gives clients confidence that their jointers will be trained up to the perfect standards as agreed across the board.

Delivered In Partnership With Energy Utility SkillsJointer Training

EUSKILLS mission is to make excellence the standard through trusted partnerships and ensure that the UK Utility Industry develops and retains a sustainable skilled workforce now and in the future – they are a provider of choice for employer solutions and registering and assessing competency standards within the energy, gas, waste management and water networks industries.

Cable Jointer Training Courses

Training Course Duration 5 days

This Jointer Training course is designed to give new jointers who may have limited experience; the knowledge and understanding to fulfil the role as a Low Voltage Service Cable Jointer. Technicians will learn to create single and triple phase sub-service cable joints using Wavecon Cables and to make both single and three phase service joints onto a Wavecon main cable in a safe manner.

Jointer Training Course Aims

On successful completion of this course, trainees will be able to demonstrate and understand:

  1. Correct and safe working practices and procedures
  2. Correct use of PPE and specialist tools and equipment
  3. The installation of single phase and three phase cut-outs
  4. The installation of single and three phase sub-service straight joints using live working methods
  5. The installation of single and three phase service joints using live working methods onto a Wavecon main using mechanical connectors
  6. Test procedures relevant to LV Jointing

Jointer Training Course Content

The course includes the following:

  1. Jointing practices and procedures.
  2. Health, Safety and Environment legislation in relation to electrical cable jointing.
  3. Electrical theory
  4. PPE and specialist tools and equipment.
  5. Understanding the role and responsibilities of the relevant person/s involved in the control of jointing procedures and the associated safety documentation and procedures.
  6. Awareness of the health and safety risks of the work environment
  7. Identification of underground cable and apparatus
  8. Understanding of manufacturers specifications
  9. Electrical testing of the cable to confirm its integrity, including insulation and continuity testing and protection from the ingress of moisture and mechanical damage

The Jointer Training course will enable a Cable Jointer to:

  • Confidently carry out a range of live LV electrical cable jointing procedures on underground cables
  • Work in accordance with company procedures
  • Demonstrate a safety conscious approach to the control of associated hazards
  • Work & communicate effectively with other team member to achieve tasks

Practical Work

  • Prepare and carry out single phase cut-out
  • Prepare and carry out single phase sub-service pot end
  • Prepare and carry out single phase sub-service straight joint
  • Prepare and carry out single phase service joint on to three phase Wavecon mains


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Cable Jointers Assessment

After the successful completion of the Jointer Training course and assessment the delegate will then need to complete a period of supervised work experience, before returning with his/her portfolio to undertake a formal cable jointing skills and knowledge assessment. The courses offered are trainee assessments, not industry authorisations.

On successful completion of their assessment each candidate will then be eligible to have their achieved competence modules registered on the Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR) for acceptance as a level of competence by member Companies of the industries Competency Accord scheme.

This is done to preserve trade integrity and protect employers against under-skilled labour causing reputational damage to their industry.


After successful completion of the Jointer Training course assessments and portfolio an EUSR Card will be issued.

Jointer Training Course Duration 5 days

Accreditation – EUSR Competency Accord Power Unit 060 – LV1


This 5 day course is aimed at an existing Crafts Person or Cable Jointers Mate who has a previous electrical qualification or is in the process of taking a suitable electrical qualification i.e. C&G 2339.

Delegates are not required to have any previous jointing experience but would benefit from prior electrical knowledge and numeracy experience to enable them to successfully complete the course.

Delegates to be assessed as competent in this skill area should have completed the modules shown below or have evidence demonstrating an equivalent level of competence.

  1. SHEA Power – providing basic health, safety and environmental awareness and an introduction to specific health, safety and environmental factors relating to the power sector
  2. Access, Movement and Egress (Underground Cables) – an industry assessment of a person’s competence to enter, move around and exit an underground cable work area in a safe manner
  3. Location and Avoidance of Utilities – an industry assessment of a person’s competence to identify and locate utilities using electronic location equipment
  4. Safe Excavation of Utilities – an industry assessment of a person’s competence to safely excavate and maintain excavations.

Maximum Delegates 8

Seaton Power Solutions work in partnership with training provider Pragmatic Consulting to meet the needs of the Utilities Industry.

With accredited courses in Construction, Water, Electrics, Health & Safety and specialised training for National Grid; clients are able to to fulfil their business opportunities with a properly qualified workforce.

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