Cembre B68-MP18E Pump | Electro-Hydraulic Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

cembre B68-MP18E

Cembre B68-MP18E Pump

Cembre B68-MP18E

Cembre B68M-P18 is a new portable electro-hydraulic pump which is battery operated for independent use.

The B68M-P18 has the same inherent strength as the Cembre range of 18V tools, including the range of Hydraulic Cable Cutting Tools. Despite its strength, the electro-hydraulic pump is lightweight with high capacity and equipped with an innovative remote control: suitable for a wide range of applications.

The portable electro-hydraulic pump features a maximum pressure sensor, which assures greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle. A security valve doubles the provision for operator safety.

New Li-Ion 18V 4 Ah batteries offer a high capacity, while improved operating speed results from a revitalised hydraulic system with double speed action. The unit has a manual pressure release button in case of emergency, and allows for easy access to the oil reservoir by means of an oil top-up inlet.

The innovative remote control provides LED working lights and an OLED display of essential real time tool operating information including:

  • Operating mode selection
  • Release mode selection: Smart release, manual release
  • Minimum set pressure and momentary pressure reached expressed in bar allows verification of correct operation
  • Battery charge level
  • No. of cycles performed
  • No. of cycles before scheduled recommended maintenance
  • Motor temperature

The portable pump is designed with improved handling characteristics, making it easily manageable during the operating process. Additionally, the B68M-P18 pump has a fibre-glass-plastic shell with high resistance to wear and damage. Featuring a rubber pocket, the remote control is protected when stored. Operator comfort is aided by low noise levels while LED lighting provides additional convenience and safety. Crimping cycle data (up to 200,000 events) is automatically stored on a memory card for transfer to PC by USB interface located under the battery.

The Cembre B68M-P18 pump is supplied with:

  • Remote control provides LED working lights and an OLED display
  • 2 m flexible hose complete with rotatable Q14-F quick coupler on the pump and female 3/8″ NPT self-lock quick couplers
  • 18.0 V – 4.0 Ah Li-Ion high power battery (2 pcs.)
  • Canvas bag suitable for storing the tool and accessories
  • Battery charger
  • Shoulder strap


Electro-Hydraulic Pump User Instructions

  • Preparation 
    • The pump can be easily carried by using the main handle (10) or the shoulder strap (1).
    • Check the battery charge before starting any work and recharge if necessary.
    • The pump has a sealed hydraulic circuit, allowing it to operate in any position.
  • Connecting The Remote Controller
    • Extract the connector (5) located inside the side pocket of the pump.
    • Connect the remote controller using the connector (18), and turn the dial to lock it.
    • At the end of the operation, the controller can be stored inside the side pocket (4).
  • Connecting The Flexible Hose
    • Fully unravel the hose
    • Connect the male coupler (20) of the flexible hose to the female coupler (8) of the pump.
    • Connect the female coupler (21) of the flexible hose to the male coupler (22) of the hydraulic head.
  • Operation
    • On the remote controller screen the operator can view and change some if the pump settings using the touch button.


How to Operate The Cembre B68M-P18E Pump


  1. Strap Fastening Ring
  2. Battery Release
  3. Battery
  4. Side Pocket
  5. Remote Control Connector
  6. Mechanical Pressure Release
  7. Swivel Attachment
  8. Quick Coupling
  9. Control Button
  10. Handle
  11. Oil Filler Cap

cembre B68 MP18E Operating Manual 1 cembre B68 MP18E Operating Manual 2cembre B68 MP18E Operating Manual 3cembre B68 MP18E Operating Manual 4cembre B68 MP18E Operating Manual 5-And-6cembre B68 MP18E Operating Manual 7

Cembre B68M P18E Electro-Hydraulic Pump Specification
Pump Length 364mm
Pump Width 186mm
Pump Height 236mm
Weight  5.6kg
Nominal Pressure 729 bar
Battery Material Li-lon
Battery Voltage 18 V
Battery Current 4 Ah
portable electro hydraulic pump b68m p18

Cembre B68M-P18 pump

MAINTENANCE Of The Cembre B68M-P18

Very little daily maintenance is needed due to the robust properties of the B68M-P18 pump. Compliance with the following maintenance guidelines, will ensure continued optimum performance:

  • Thorough Cleaning –  After every use the pump and accessories must be wiped with a clean cloth, taking care to remove any residue. Hydrocarbon products should not be used to clean rubber parts of the product.
  • Use Of Canvas Bag – The special canvas bag provided should always be used to protect the pump and accessories from accidental damage and dust.
  • Storage – After job completion, the pressure of the oil should always be released by holding down the release button. The ram of the connected hydraulic head should be completely retracted before disconnecting.
    • Remove the battery from the pump
    • Disconnect the remote controller
    • Disconnect the flexible hose
    • Store the pump and accessories in the canvas bag, and ion a dry place
  • Topping Up Oil – The oil level of the pump should be checked at least every 6 months. Top up if necessary:
    • Position the pump on its base on a flat surface
    • Completely discharge the oil pressure by pushing the pressure release button.
    • Unscrew the filler cap
    • Use a funnel to top up very slowly, filling the oil reservoir to the maximum level.
    • When the operation is finished, replace the cap.


Care should be taken when using and operating the Cembre B68M-P18 – some general advice is provided here however should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Hydraulic pumps are for use with hydraulic heads, therefore, any application use that the product is not intended for can be dangerous for the operator.
  • Ensure that the operator is concentrating on the work being performed while also maintaining a balanced working position.
  • Avoid dirty surfaces such as those with dust and sand present. This can damage any electro-hydraulic equipment.
  • Protect the pump and accessories from moisture to avoid any damage.
  • Never connect the pump to a hydraulic head still containing oil, as this could cause the pump to malfunction.
  • Keep the pump and flexible hose away from naked flames and sources of heat above 70°C.

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