Class 4 Matting – 36kV Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats IEC61111

Class 4 Matting - 36kV Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats IEC61111

Class 4 Matting – 36kV Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats IEC61111

Insulating Matting

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Class 4 matting SM570-04 is a high quality fine ribbed rubber insulating matting which is fully certified to meet IEC61111 standards.

The IEC61111 Class 4 matting is fully certified and tested to 50kV with a recommended safety working voltage of 36kV.

Additionally the insulating matting has a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern on one side and a cloth impression finish on the reverse side ensuring safe electrical working conditions for users.

SM570-04 insulating matting is available in cut lengths on request with a thickness of 5mm and widths of 0.91m, 1m and 1.2m.

Class 4 matting in accordance with IEC61111 can also be provided in Grey (SM571-04), Grey/Black (SM572-04) or Orange (SM573-04) each cut to length on request.

Features of Class 4 Matting

Our range of Class 4 insulating matting does not contain any recycled rubber proving the highest levels of compliant electrical safety and protection when working around electrical switchgear, control panels and substations. The electrical matting will safely dissipate current leakage reducing the electrocution shock effect of workers standing on the mat. 

  • REACH RoHS, PAH and CE Compliant EPDM type insulating rubber matting
  • Withstand Test – 50kV – No Electrical Puncture
  • Puncture Proof Test – 40kV for 3 minutes
  • Working Voltage – 36kV
  • Matting Thickness 5mm 
  • Halogen free Class 4 matting
  • Excellent resistance to acid/alkali  
  • Full test certificate supplied
  • Fully tested to specification
  • Health & Safety regulation material
  • Fully traceable supply
  • Anti-slip finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Matting is available in 0.91m, 1.0m and 1.2m wide rolls
  • Cut lengths of mats available to order

Class 4 Matting

Technical Information

SM570-04 to IEC61111-2009 Class 4

  • Withstand Test 50kV – No Electrical Puncture
  • Proof Test 40kV
  • Working Voltage 36kV
Class 4 Matting Part Number SM570-04 Insulating Matting
Insulating Application Electrical Safety, General Purpose, Health & Safety, Switchboard, Switchgear
Insulating Matting Product Description 36kV Working Voltage IEC61111 Class 1 Anti-Slip Electrical Safety Insulating Matting
Matting Thickness 5mm Mats
Colour Black. Others available on request
Insert Req No
Solid Yes
Drainage Holes No
Dielectric Test Voltage 50kV
Surface Proof Test Voltage 40kV
Class 4 Working Voltage 36kV
Compound EPDM
Hardness (Shore A) 65º

SM570-04 to IEC61111-2009 Class 4

The following table excerpts the test performance of Class 4 matting according to Clause 5 of IEC61111 2009.

Clause No. Properties Specification
Specific Gravity 1.50 ± 0.05
Hardness, Shore A 75 ± 5
Tensile Strength, Kg/cm2 50 Min.
Elongation at Break, % 200 Min.
Colour Black
Surface Finish Fine rib with fabric finish
Electrical Properties
5.5.2 Mechanical Puncture Test Min 70N
5.5.3 Slip Resistance Avg. force higher than 50N Class Proof Test Withstand Test Class – 4 (Thickness 4.0 mm ) 40KV for 3 minutes 50 KV – No electrical puncture
5.7 Ageing Test At 70 ± 2oC/168Hrs
Mechanical Puncture Test Should be minimum 80% of original value
5.8 Thermal Properties
5.8.1 Flame Retardance Flame should not propagate within a 50mm diameter from the centre
5.8.2 Low Temperature Resistance (4hr at -25 ± 3oC)
a) Visual Inspection No cracks
b) Voltage withstand No electrical puncture

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International Standard IEC61111:2009

The International Standard IEC6111:2009 outlines the requirements for rubber insulating matting for electrical purposes and specifies the construction materials, thickness, width and the testing conditions and results expected to meet the standard.

Contact T&D for prices, delivery and technical support for SM570-04 36kV IEC61111 Class 4 Electrical Mats.

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MV-HV insulating matting also available for safe working on medium/high voltage switchgear/switchboards up to 33kV.

Insulating Matting

Insulating Matting | Electrical Safety & Protection for Low, Medium & High Voltage Switchgear

CATU Electrical Safety MV HV

T&D stock and distribute the complete range of CATU Electrical Safety Equipment.

CATU offer a range of Arc Flash Clothing For High Voltage Utility Cable Jointers & Lloyds NERS LV-HV Electrical Contractors

CATU offer a range of Arc Flash Clothing For High Voltage Utility Cable Jointers & Lloyds NERS LV-HV Electrical Contractors

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