FILOSLIM Cable Sheath Repair Kit

Repairing Damaged Cable Sheath

FILOSLIM Cable Sheath Repair Kit | Repairing Damaged Cable Sheath

Repairing Cables

FILOSLIM Cable Sheath Repair Kit

The FILOSLIM Cable Sheath Repair Kit by Filoform utilises a totally enclosed mix-and-pour polyurethane resin technology, designed for use with LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) cables as a permanent repair of damaged cable sheaths.

The combination of the Filoform 3D Gauze and the FILOSLIM Injection Resin, enables a quick and easy method of sealing and protecting damaged areas; whilst the hydrocarbon resistant outer sealing tape offers protection in the tough conditions found in direct buried and free-standing applications.


Filoform 3D Gauze and the FILOSLIM Injection Resin

Cables can be buried immediately after the pouring of the resin, and full cure is achieved after one hour. This makes it a quick and reliable alternative to heatshrink repair sleeves but with the added mechanical protection of a hard curing resin. This lends itself to applications where there is a probability or risk of moisture ingress or flooding.

The FiloSlim cable repair set contains two pieces of each part:

  • When using one 3D gauze mat it is suitable for cables with a max. diameter of 90mm
  • When using two 3D gauze mats it is suitable for cables with a max. diameter of 170mm
Repair Damaged Cable Sheaths

Repair Damaged Cable Sheaths

The FILOSLIM LV cable jointing system is approved in accordance with NEN EN 50393 & IEC 60455-3-8:2013

  • No heat source required
  • No specialist tools
  • Enclosed mixing and pouring
  • Suitable for cables up to 170mm diameter as standard
  • Suitable for use as a moisture seal
  • Suitable for direct buried and vertical applications
  • Suitable as an outer seal on EPR, XLPE, PVC and PILC LV and MV cable sheaths
  • Void filling properties of the resin, negate the requirement for additional mastic tapes or gap fillers
  • Seawater resistant cable repair
  • Hydrocarbon resistant cable repair
  • Kit contains all components required; including the resin, tape, nozzles and gloves
  • Can be de-laminated (tape and blue injection valve can be removed, when cured)




Duct sealing and sealing products manufactured by Filoform are installed to provide gas tight and watertight sealing for cable duct entries – protecting underground cables and substation ducting infrastructure against flood and migration of flammable and toxic gas hazards. Fire resistant version also available – suitable for sealing LV-HV power, telecoms and fibre optic cables.