Replacing Cembre Cable Cutting Tool Blades – Model TC055

Published 13 Jun 2018

Cembre TC055 Cutting Head

Cembre TC055 Cutting Head

  • Uploaded by Chris Dodds - Thorne & Derrick Sales & Marketing Manager

Cembre TC055

Thorne & Derrick International are Main UK Stockists and Suppliers of Cembre tools including crimping and cutting types for all constructions of LV MV HV cable including medium/high voltage 11kV/33kV power cables.

The following short article provides useful instructions about how to replace the cable cutting tool blades of the Cembre TC055 – this cutter has an application range suitable for cutting copper and aluminium cables having a maximum diameter of 55mm.

Note: TC055 cutting head features the same cutting capability as the Cembre HT-TC055 cable cutting tool.

The following excerpts are taken from the Operating Manual of Cembre TC055.

Cembre TC055 is a hydraulic cutting head tool developing a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi for cable and conductor cutting of LV MV HV cables.

For competitive prices, stock availability and technical advice about the Cembre HT-TC055 tool please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cable Cutting Blade Replacement

Cembre TC055

Fig 2 TC055 Blade Replacement

Fig 2 & Fig 3 Cembre TC055 Blade Replacement

The following instructions should be read in conjunction with the image above.

After extended use the blades of the Cembre TC055 may lose their cutting edge.

Replace the blades as follows:

Lower Cable Cutting Blade

Remove locking pin (4) and open the cutting tool head.

Operate the pump to advance the lower cutter blade (24) until split pins (22 and 23) are visible on the ram (18).

Remove split pins (22 and 23) using a drift and remove the lower cutter blade.

Insert the new blade and secure with spring pins.

WarningBefore closing the cutting tool head release the oil pressure and retract the lower cutter blade otherwise the blade may hit the lower blade edge and damage it.

Upper Cable Cutting Blade

With the lower cutter blade fully retracted, the tool head closed and the locking pin (4) fully secured, hold the tool on the blade spacer (1) or (26) in a bench vice (Fig 3).

With a 6mm wrench, unscrew 4 screws (28), remove the two holding plates (29) and the upper cutter blade (25) noting the position of the cutting edge bevel.

Insert the new cutting blade, noting the position of the cutting edge bevel.

Fit the 2 holding plates (29) and secure with 4 screws (28) with relevant washer (30).

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