The Importance of Cable Cleats on Multi-Core Cables – Video

Published 15 Mar 2019

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats


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Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Front Line Defence Against Short Circuits

The below video produced by Ellis Patents shows the catastrophic outcome when multi-core cables attached to cable ladder using cable ties only are subjected to short circuit cable fault. Depending on fault levels cable cleats should be used to secure LV MV HV cables and to provide short circuit protection against disastrous cable faults, this includes the cable cleating of multi-core power cables.

Cable cleats are vital – cable ties alone cannot contain certain short circuit faults.

Depending upon the fault level rating of low and high voltage power cable installations cable cleats are essential short circuit protection devices.

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents are global leaders in the innovation and manufacture of nylon, aluminium and stainless steel cable cleats – EP cleats and cable hangers satisfy the operational requirements of the construction, oil, gas, rail, utilities, wind energy and power generation industries.

Holding Power is Ellis Patents guarantee that EP Cable Cleats will contain dangerous short circuit forces – protecting your people, power and plant.

Vital Short Circuit Protection

with Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents are a leading voice in the campaign to have cable cleats reclassified as short-circuit protection devices. A move that would mean cable cleats would be placed on a parallel with fuses and circuit breakers.

“This reclassification makes absolute sense. In the event of a cable fault, the forces between cables reach their peak in the first quarter cycle, which is the point that cable cleats earn their crust. In contrast, circuit breakers typically interrupt the fault after 3 or even 5 cycles by which time, if the cable cleats are underspecified, the cables will no longer be secure, but will be putting vital electrical installations and lives at unnecessary risk,” says Paul Nolan (former) UK Sales Manager, Ellis Patents.

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

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