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Cold Shrink

Medium Voltage Terminations up to 15kV 3 Core Cables XLPE EPR

  • 3M Terminations – Product Number Kit Series 7624-T95-3W
  • Insulator Configuration – Tubular
  • Installation Environment – Indoor Cable Termination MV HV
  • Orientation – Normal
  • For MV HV Cable Types (With or Without Ground Wires) – W (Without)
  • Suit Cable Type XLPE EPR (Polymeric) with Copper Tape Screen/Shield

3M QTIII Cold Shrink Terminations provide reliable, safe and efficient connection of medium voltage and high voltage cables up to 15kV into substation and electrical equipment including switchgear, transformers and motors. QTIII technology from 3M Electrical Markets Division with integrated stress control and cable lug sealing reduces the installation steps and time with reduced scope for Jointer error. The “Cold-Applied” cable termination process requires no naked flames or associated heat shrink procedure for safe installation into industrial, explosive atmospheres and hazardous areas – with proven field performance based upon UV resistance, hydrophobicity and track resistant Cold Shrink technology the cable terminations meet IEEE48, CENELEC 0278 and IEC502 standards.

3M 7624-T95-3W

QTIII Cable Terminations

3M 7624-T95-3W cold shrink terminations for use with 3 core conductor medium/high voltage power cables 3.3kV to 15kV – the 3M QTIII terminations are one-piece silicone rubber cold shrink kits. Call Thorne & Derrick for further information, MSDA data, technical support and stock availability for 3M 7624-T95-3W termination kit.

To order or discuss a specific application for 3M 7624-T95-3W please contact T&D Sales.

BIL: 95kV

Cable Insulation Range: 23.4-30.0mm (0.92″ – 1.18″)

MV HV Cable Termination Range

3M 7624-T95-3W termination kit is suitable for use with the following MV-HV cables:

  • 3.3kV Cable IEC 240-300sqmm
  • 3.3kV Cable JIS 200-250sqmm
  • 5.0kV Cable AEIC 500-750 AWG
  • 6.6kV Cable JIS –
  • 6.6kV Cable IEC 185-300sqmm
  • 8.7kV Cable AEIC 400-600 AWG
  • 10kV Cable IEC – 185-300sqmm
  • 15kV Cable IEC 120-185sqmm
  • 6.6kV/10kV/11kV/15kV IEC 3 Core XLPE EPR Cables
  • Type Tested to 15kV  | Medium Voltage High Voltage Power Systems

7624-T95-3W Cable Terminations | 3M Quick Term III – Fully Integrated mv Connections

3M QTIII Premium cable termination offers the greatest simplicity and flexibility in the full range as it covers a wide range of cable types and sizes. One of the main features that differentiates the QTIII termination from competitor brands is a shorter adjustable tail to enable it to fit into the wide range of cable boxes meaning fewer installation steps so there is less room for jointer error.

7624-T95-3W Cable Termination Kit List

  1. Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Cable Breakout Boot Assembly x1
  2. Silicone Rubber Phase Rejacketing Sleeve Assemblies x3
  3. Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Termination Assemblies x3
  4. Tinned Copper Ground Braid Assembly x1
  5. Constant Force Spring (Small) x3
  6. Constant Force Spring (Large) x1
  7. 3M EMI Copper Foil Shielding Tape 1181 Strips
  8. Strips Scotch 2230 Mastic Strip (2 per termination bag and 2 per breakout boot bag) x8
  9. Roll Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape 19mm x 1
  10. Cable Cleaning & Preparation Kit 3M CC-2 x1
  11. Cable Jointers Termination Instruction Sheet

See further information about 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations suitable for connecting and terminating single and 3 core type polymeric medium/high voltage cables into switchgear, transformers and electrical equipment.

♦ Shelf-Life Silicone Cold Shrink Products | Low & Medium Voltage | 3 Years from date of Manufacture | Humidity controlled storage (10C/50F to 27C/80F & <75% RH).

Termination Accessories | Bushing Boots | Cable Lugs Crimp MV HV | Cable Lugs Shearbolt MV HV

3M Cold Shrink QT-III Indoor and Outdoor Terminations for Medium & High Voltage Power Cable Connections

3M Cold Shrink QT-III Indoor and Outdoor Terminations for Medium & High Voltage Power Cable Connections


Thorne & Derrick supply an extensive range of MV HV Electrical & Cable Installation Equipment to enable the construction, earthing and maintenance of substations – this includes underground protection of trenched power cables (Tape Tile 11kV | Stokbord 33kV) and flood prevention products using cable transits or duct sealing systems. 

Earth Bars | Earth Tapes | Earth Rods – copper earthing products to protect substations manufactured by ABB Furse.

3M 7620-S2-3W

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