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3M LVI-0/1

Resin Cable Joints

3M LVI-0/x Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin) – Armoured Cables

3M LVI-0/1 Scotchcast resin cable joint kits are used for jointing multi-core steel wire armoured (SWA) polymeric low voltage power cables, including XLPE wire armoured and EPR wire braided cables (600/1000 volts) – complete range of cable joints are available in both Cold Shrink and heat shrink technology for LV (Low), MV (Medium) and HV (High) Voltage power cables.

3M Cable Joint Kit Selection

  • 3M Electrical Part Code – 3M LVI-0/1
  • Manufacturer – 3M Electrical
  • Cable Joint Type – Straight Joint
  • Technology – Scotchcast Resin
  • CSA Two Core (sqmm) – 1.5-4
  • CSA Three Core (sqmm) – 1.5-4
  • CSA Four Core (sqmm) – 1.5-2.5
  • Cable Voltage 600/1000V (up to 3.3kV)
  • 3M LVI-0/1 utilises 3M Scotchcast 470 resin
  • Hazardous Area Cable Joints also available


CSA (sqmm) 3M Electrical Part Number & Cable Joint Kit Reference
1 Core 2 Core Cable  3 Core Cable  4 Core Cable
1.5 LVI-0/1 LVI-0/1 LVI-0/1
2.5 LVI-0/1 LVI-0/1 LVI-0/1
4 LVI-0/1 LVI-0/1

See also the 3M Electrical range of products to repair damaged cables in both non-hazardous industrial (“safe areas”) and potentially explosive atmospheres (“hazardous areas”).

➡ Complete range of Scotchcast Resins are available to protect and encapsulate cable joints.

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Cable Accessories For Low Voltage Cables & Power Systems

To support the installation of onshore and offshore LV MV HV Cables a complete range of Cable Accessories are available to joint, terminate, cleat, gland, lug, cut and crimp cables from stock up to 11kV/33kV for medium/high voltage substations and electrical equipment.

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