66kV Outdoor Termination – Composite Insulator XLPE HV Cables Nexans FEV72.5

Euromold FEV72.5 is a 66kV termination suitable for outdoor installation on single core XLPE cables. The high quality outdoor termination with composite insulator filled with insulating fluid, is optionally equipped with arcing horn and flat terminal connector.

The Euromold FEV72.5 outdoor termination is designed for Interface F and covers voltages up to 72.5kV.

Euromold FEV72.5 is optimised for mechanical connecting stalk, has an insulated arrangement with a disconnectable earth lead and is premoulded and factory tested EPDM stress cone

66kV connector accessories include: dead-end receptacle, dead-end plug, stand-off plug and earthing plug for type F bushing interfaces.

  • Manufacturer – Nexans Euromold
  • MV HV Equipment Bushing Connector – Interface F 66kV Cable Connectors
  • Voltage Classes – 66kV 72.5kV Maximum
  • Terminate & Connect Cables – Polymeric XLPE EPR
  • Applications – 66kV Switchgear, Transformers, Motors

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Euromold FEV72.5 Specification

Euromold cable termination type Max.
operating voltage
Height (mm) Weight per piece (kg) Oil volume (l) Creepage distance (mm)
FEV72.5-1.8VIn 72.5 1145 60 15 1800
FEV72.5-2.5VIn 72.5 1168 65 14 2560


Euromold FEV72.5 Outdoor Termination 66kV - Design

Euromold FEV72.5 Outdoor Termination 66kV – Design

Outdoor termination comprising:

  1. Mechanical connecting stalk
  2. Lock nut
  3. Head plate
  4. Composite insulator
  5. EPDM stress cone
  6. Sealing flange
  7. Base plate
  8. Cable gland
  9. Support insulator
  10. Silicone oil
  11. Heat-shrinkable tube
  12. Arcing horn (optional)
  13. Cable clamp (set includes 2 pieces)

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