66kV Dead-End Receptacle Nexans Euromold R900DR-B/G – Interface F

Dead-end Receptables

Euromold R900DR-B/G, manufactured by Nexans, is a 66kV dead-end receptacle that fits over a switchgear or transformer bushing with type F interface providing a dead-end facility.

The Euromold R900DR-B/G dead-end receptacle is supplied with an earth lead and is designed for Interface F covering voltages up to 72.5kV.

Each dead-end receptacle is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.

66kV connector accessories include: dead-end receptacle, dead-end plug, stand-off plug and earthing plug for type F bushing interfaces.

  • Manufacturer – Nexans Euromold
  • MV HV Equipment Bushing Connector – Interface F 66kV Cable Connectors
  • Maximum Continuous Current – 1250 (Amps)
  • Voltage Classes – 66kV 72.5kV Maximum
  • Terminate & Connect Cables – Polymeric XLPE EPR
  • Applications – 66kV Switchgear, Transformers, Motors

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Euromold R900DR-B/G Dead-End Receptacle - Interface F

Euromold R900DR-B/G Dead-End Receptacle – Interface F

Separable dead-end receptable comprising:

  1. Type F interface ref. CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181
  2. Bushing extender R900BE/G
  3. Stud + nut + washer
  4. Basic insulating plug
  5. Conductive EPDM cap

Dead end receptacles are installed to make safe spare bushings in medium/high voltage switchgear – here a 36kV Schneider Flusarc C panel providing 33kV electrical power is shown prior to the installation of the Euromold receptacles. Flusarc 36 is a range of SF6 gas-insulated switchgear for medium-voltage power distribution up to 36kV – the switchgear panels are designed for secondary substations on ring or radial networks of energy distributors and for wind-power and photovoltaic applications.

Dead End Receptacles

Separable dead-end receptable for use with connectors, bushings and connecting plugs with interface F as described by CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181.

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