Jointers Umbrellas | Non Conductive LV HV Jointers Umbrellas

Jointers Umbrellas Non Conductive LV HV Jointers Umbrellas

Jointers Umbrellas Non Conductive LV HV Jointers Umbrellas

Cable Jointers Umbrellas

UMB 8HD is a non-conductive umbrella with no metal parts and an easily identifiable company logo – in the above photo this was Western Power Distribution, a UK DNO.

The Jointers Umbrella is compatible with an universal umbrella clamp (UMB4CLP) and unlike metal telescopic poles that stop working when dented the fibreglass poles are unaffected and continue to work.

The Jointers Umbrellas are available in blue, green, black and orange high vis whilst still allowing natural light through into the work area.

Network Rail Approved Jointers & Splicers Tents

Network Rail Number 0111/104024

PADS Approval 046/035209

Avoidance of Rain & Fumes

Joints & Terminations for Network Rail 25kV Electrification Projects | PADS Approved

Thorne & Derrick supply an extensive range of 400V-66kV Rail Cable Accessories & Electrical Equipment to contractors undertaking Low Voltage Power Distribution, HV Electrification & Substations, DC Traction & Networks, OLE and Track Feeder Cable Renewals – a complete range of Network Rail PADS approved medium voltage cable terminations, joints, cable repair and connection products up to 66kV.

Heat shrink, cold shrink, push-on and slip-over cable accessories enable the jointing, terminating and connection of medium/high voltage power cables to oil, air or gas insulated switchgear, transformers, motors and overhead lines.

Safe, Reliable & Compliant Cable Accessories for Rail Electrification Projects | Medium & High Voltage Power Networks

If there is a possibility of rain during cable jointing a tent must be erected, one end of which must be open to ensure good entry and exit and good ventilation for fumes. The cable joint position must be kept dry when jointing and splicing copper or fibre type LV MV and HV cables, including 11kV/33kV power cables. 

When jointing cables care must be taken by the Jointer not to char or burn any PVC material, such as cable sheath, as this will cause toxic gases to be given off. During the tinning or sweating operation care should be taken by the Jointer to avoid the inhalation of large volumes of the fumes emitted, and tent flaps should be raised to permit the flow of clean air through the jointers tent. At the same time the Jointer should position himself in such a way that the clean air flow carries the fumes away from his face.

Non Conductive LV HV Jointers Umbrellas

Non Conductive LV HV Jointers Umbrellas

Cable Jointers Umbrellas – Standard Specification

  • PVC reinforced cover material 100% waterproof – HD 350gms & HD X 550g – wet storage
  • 2.5m (8ft) span
  • Flame retardant Jointers Umbrella (BS7837:1996)
  • Translucent – allows natural light through into work area
  • No loose components
  • Fully non-conductive umbrella – no metal parts
  • Fibreglass telescopic handle (1.5 m to 2.1m)
  • Unlike metal telescopic poles not working when knocked and dented our fibreglass telescopic poles continue working

Prices on Application

Jointers Umbrellas

Technical Specification

Cable Jointing Umbrellas Part Number  Umbrella Size (l)x(w)x(h) 
UMB 8HD 2.4m(8ft) PVC Fibre glass framework
UMB 8HDC 2.4m(8ft) PVC Fibre glass framework inc. polyester Curtain side
UMB 6HD 1.8m(6ft) PVC Fibre glass framework
UMB 6HDC 1.8m(6ft) PVC Fibre glass framework inc. polyester Curtain side
GUYLN 3 point Guy line option

Optional Extras

Please contact Thorne & Derrick for further information and pricing.

  • Many other tent colours available
  • Corporate logo
  • External guy lines 3off
  • Curtain surround – 4oz Flame Retardant (BS7837:1996) Polyester/Nylon
  • Bespoke Jointers Tent sizes available

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