Low Voltage LV Industrial Cable Joints – Prysmian Resin Wrap Straight Joint

Low Voltage LV Industrial Cable Joints – Prysmian Resin Wrap Straight Joint

Low Voltage LV Industrial Cable Joints – Prysmian Resin Wrap Straight Joint

Prysmian resin wrap straight cable joints are used for jointing auxiliary multi-core and multi-pair cables to ESI Standard 09-6. They can be used to joint cables which are non-armoured or armoured with aluminium or steel wire cables laid underground or in tunnels.

T&D can offer the full range of Prysmian cable joints for low voltage industrial cable jointing applications.

Prysmian Resin Wrap Straight Joints


  1. P.I.B. Self-Amalgamating Tape – provides electrical strength
  2. Adhesive PVC Tape – applied with 50% overlap over the aluminium envelope
  3. Hose clip – secures the armour wires around copper bonding liner
  4. Aluminium Laminated Foil Envelope – fi lled with resin and wrapped around the joint
  5. Heat Shrinkable Polyethylene Sleeve – positioned centrally over the ferrule
  6. Ridgid Polyethylene Mesh (resin impregnated) – wrapped around the jointed wires and secured with binders
  7. Resin – provides additional insulation and mechanical protection around the cores
  8. Polyethylene Sleeve – Provides protection against impact
  9. Resinwrap Dispenser Tape (resin impregnated) – provides mechanical protection


Features & Benefit

  • Filled or non-filled
  • Up to 100 Pairs
  • No need for special tools or moulds
  • The completed joint can be installed in any position
  • Simple and extremely versatile
  • Meets the requirements of C64
  • Type Test PG72 details high withstand joints
  • Supplied as a kit for one joint containing all the necessary components
  • Shipping weight and volume (approx.) of kit – 3.7 kg, 0.015m³


Prysmian Cable Joint Drawing Number Withstand Voltage ESI 09-6 Table Number Filled / Unfilled Armour Type Pilot Core Cable Telephone Pair Cables
7C 19C 37C 7PR 19PR 37PR 61PR
607065-6 Normal 2.1/3.8 Unfilled SWA 005 006 008 017 004 003 016
6070132-TYPE1 Normal 2.1/3.8 Filled SWA N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
6070126-12 High 2.1/3.9 Unfilled SWA 020 012 005 009 004 010 006
6070127-4 High 2.1/3.9 Filled SWA N/A N/A N/A 003 002 004 007
6070119-4 High 3.10 Unfilled SWA N/A N/A N/A 005 002 003 N/A
6070134-5 High 3.10 Filled SWA N/A N/A N/A N/A 005 003 N/A

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When making an order, the full cable details should be stated. Information should include number of pairs, withstand voltage type, conductor size, filled or unfilled and the relevant Table number in ESI-09-6.

Example. Order Code for 19 pair, filled, SWA, to table 3.9 of ESI 09-6, 6070127-4-002. The first figure in the ESI 09-16 column refers to Pilot cable and the second figure refers to Telephone cable.

Recommendations For Testing After Installation

Withstand Voltage
Less than 5kV (Normal) 7.5kV D.C for 1 Minute
5kV – 15kV (High) 15kV D.C for 1 Minute

Withstand Voltage (Normal/High) refers to the voltage tested between conductors

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