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Published 11 Apr 2019

Boddigtons Consac Cable Jointing Tools

Boddigtons Cable Jointing Tools

LV Cable Jointing & TerminatingBoddingtons Electricals - Cable Jointing Tools

Boddingtons 936 cable tools are designed to cut the aluminium sheath on consac cable to facilitate cable jointing and cable terminating.

The consac cable jointing tools provides safe and accurate cutting of the sheath without the risk of cutting the live inner conductor – exact cutting depths are achieved when using the different size cutting wheels.

Consac cable joints must only be installed by Trained & Competent Jointers using the approved and correct Consac cable jointing tools.

Jointing tools manufactured by Boddingtons are in widespread service throughout the electrical power industry – cable preparation and cable jointers tools are available for use on LV MV HV cables (XLPE, PILC, EPR insulated), waveform, consac, Triplex and utility power cables up to 33kV.

Boddingtons Electrical

Consac Cable Jointing Tools 


  • “T” handle is available to assist the operation of the tool
  • Consac Sheath Punch is available in two sizes – Ø 7 or 10 mm
  • Complete sheath cutting kit in plastic case available on request
  • Insulated Sheath Lifters, two types available – all plastic or coated metal
  • Insulating Shrouding kit available

1. Boddingtons Electrical Consac Sheath Cutter MK3 – Ø 23.4 – 32.7mm

Boddingtons Electrical Consac Sheath Cutter MK3

2. Boddingtons Electrical Consac Sheath Cutter MK4 Ø 32.7 – 45.3mm​

Boddingtons Electrical Consac Sheath Cutter MK4

3. Boddingtons Electrical Consac Hole Punch 7mm / 10mm

Boddingtons Electrical Consac Hole Punch

4. Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Consac Sheath Lifter (metal)

Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Consac Sheath Lifter

5. Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Consac Sheath Lifter (all plastic)

Boddingtons Electrical Insulated Consac Sheath Lifter

Boddingtons Electrical Consac Sheath Cutting Tool

Technical Data

Part Number Description Weight
Boddingtons 936-MK3 Consac Sheath Cutter MK3 – Ø 23.4 – 32.7mm 1900g
Boddingtons 936-MK4 Consac Sheath Cutter MK4 – Ø 32.7 – 45.3mm 2000g
Boddingtons 936-AK Allen Key for MK3/MK4 Cutter 10g
Boddingtons 936-TB T-bar for MK3/MK4 Cutter 160g
Boddingtons 936-WP Spare wheel pin for MK3/MK4 Cutter 30g
Boddingtons 936-PPMK3 Spare set of plastic pads (2) for MK3 Cutter 35g
Boddingtons 936-PPMK4 Spare set of plastic pads (2) for MK4 Cutter 35g
Boddingtons CS90/DB76 Plastic case to hold MK3 sheath cutter and accessories 700g
Boddingtons 936-HP7 Consac Hole Punch 7mm 700g
Boddingtons 936-HPI0 Consac Hole Punch 10mm 700g
Boddingtons 103107 Insulated Consac Sheath Lifter (metal) 350g
Boddingtons 103108 Insulated Consac Sheath Lifter (all plastic) 50g


IET Forum Post, April 2010

On the British Standards website, BS5593:1978 Specification for impregnated paper-insulated cables with aluminium sheath/neutral conductor and three shaped aluminium phase conductors (CONSAC), 600/1000V for electricity supply was withdrawn by BSI British Standards on 15.12.96.

Waveform – A method of layering wires to form a neutral conductor used in low voltage polymeric insulated mains cables. This is also covered by the following BSI British Standard : BS 7870-3.40:2001 – LV and MV polymeric insulated cables for use by distribution and generation utilities. Specification for distribution cables of rated voltage 0.6/1 kV. XLPE insulated, copper wire waveform concentric cables with solid aluminium conductors

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