Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)


Cembre B1300-CE battery crimping tool is an 18.0V cordless hydraulic crimping tool which can be operated with one hand and is balanced for greater control.

The tool has a greater crimping speed and crimping force as a result from a revitalised hydraulic system with double speed action: a rapid approach of the dies to the connector then a slower more powerful speed for crimping.

Born of the renowned B131-C type crimping tool, B1300-C will accept all semi-circular slotted dies, common to most 130 kN (U dies) and has an operating temperature of between -15 to +50°C.

The Cembre B1300-CE is lightweight and robust due a bi-component plastic moulded body which is highly resistance to damage.

The B1300-CE battery crimping tool is fitted with a maximum pressure sensor and an Li-Ion 18.0V 4.0Ah high power battery and produces minimal noise and vibration.

Additionally an OLED display provides operating information data such as the crimping force being generated, battery power remaining, tool identification, LED state, rest, number of operational and service crimping cycles and a tool service to maintain optimum condition.

Cembre’s B1300-CE crimping tool can be fitted with all semi-circular slotted crimping dies common to 130kN and are supplied with a spare battery, battery charger, USB cable and plastic carrying case.

Cembre B1300-CE crimping tool


  • Rated Crimping Force: 132kN
  • Minimum Crimping Force: 152.2kN
  • Rated Operating Pressure: 692 bar (10,037 psi)
  • Dimensions: Length 359mm, Width 358mm, Height 83mm
  • Cable Crimper Weight: 5.3kg
  • Oil: AGIP ARNICA 32 or equivalent (Approved by Cembre)

Cembre crimping tools should be cleaned daily (or after use) with a clean cloth removing any residue in particular particles close to pivots and moveable parts. Every six months it is essential check the oil level in the reservoir. If necessary fill oil level to the top lip and remove any excess air from the reservoir.

For storage and protection the Cembre B1300-CE tool is supplied in a robust carrying case for storage of the crimping tool.

  • Dimensions 680x473x151 mm

Cembre B1300-CE Crimping Tool Main Applications

LV Cable Lugs Splices “C” Sleeve Connectors Insulated Terminals LV Cable Lugs Splices
400sqmm 185sqmm 240sqmm 400sqmm

Cembre B1300-CE Dimensions

Cable Crimping Force  Length Height Width Weight
132kN 406mm 239mm 102.5mm 6.5kg

Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool

User Instructions

  • When introducing or changing dies, the battery must first be removed from the battery crimping tool.


  • The Cembre B1300-CE tool can be easily carried using either the handle or the shoulder strap attached to ring.
  • To replace the battery, remove it by pressing the release button, then insert the new battery, sliding it into the guides until it locks.
  • The tool display shows the operational parameters of the tool; to customise them proceed as described.
  • Select the appropriate die set for the connector.
  • Insert one die into the upper seat of the tool head until it is locked by retaining pin. To ease the die insertion keep release pin depressed. Insert one die into the seat on the ram until it is locked by retaining pin.
  • To ease this operation, operate the Cembre B1300-CE tool to advance the ram 8-10mm (0.3-0.4 in) and keep release pin depressed.
  • Insert the conductor into the connector.
  • Position the Cembre connector between the dies and ensure the correct location of the crimp.

Note: when more compression is required, proceed according to the sequence and direction indicated in the figure.

Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Die Advancement

  • Grip the tool firmly and comfortably and press operating button to activate the motor pump and advance the lower die. To halt the advancement, release the operating button and the motor will cut out.
  • Make sure the dies are exactly positioned on the desired crimp point otherwise re-open dies and reposition the connector.


  • By keeping the operating button pressed, the motor continues to operate: the ram will gradually move forward until the two dies touch.
  • The motor will stop automatically when the set pressure has been reached.
  • To display the momentary force or pressure during the work cycle, select the appropriate display from the menu. When the operating button is released before the motor stops automatically, the display will show the peak force (Fp) or the peak pressure (Pp) reached at that instant. To complete the work, press the operating button again until the motor stops automatically; the display will show the maximum force or pressure reached followed by “OK” to confirm correct operation.
  • The display “ERROR”, combined with a beep and the LEDs flashing indicates an incorrect crimping procedure caused by the work cycle being interrupted before the control parameters (force/pressure) of the tool are reached. This error appears when the pressure release button has been operated and the tool has already reached  a pressure > 100 bar. In this case, repeat the compression by pressing and holding the operating button until the motor stops automatically.

Release of Dies

  • By operating the pressure release button, the ram will retract and open the dies.
  • To take the dies off their guide, sliding them pushing the release pins.

LED Worklights

  • Whilst the Cembre B1300-CE tool is in operation, the compression area is illuminated by two high luminosity LED Worklights that switch off automatically at the end of the cycle.

Head Rotation

  • For ease of operation the crimp tool head can rotate through 180º, allowing the operator to work in the most comfortable position.
  • Warning: Do not attempt to rotate the tool head when the hydraulic circuit is pressurised.

Capacitive Touch Button For Menu Selection

  • This button is located under the display and allows selection of various screens; it only works when the display is on. Wearing gloves or using other objects may inhibit the operation of the button, therefore use a bare finger to apply only a light touch.

Battery Status

  • The battery is equipped with LED indicators that indicate the remaining battery life at any time by pressing the adjacent button.
  • 4 LEDs illuminated: Fully charged
  • 2 LEDs illuminated: 50% capacity
  • 1 LED flashing: Minimum charge, replace the battery.
  • With the battery inserted into the tool, the remaining battery life can also be checked on the display, via touch button selection.

When the battery voltage has dropped below a minimum safety threshold, the tool will not start, and it is necessary to recharge or replace the battery. The approximate time to fully recharge a battery is about 80 minutes.

After each working cycle, and after the extraction of the battery from the tool, an integrated battery cut-off device will operate after 70s approx. Then the LED nearest to button will flash 5 times each 14s approx. The battery will be reactivated when it is reintroduced into the tool and the operating button is pressed.

Using The Battery Charger

  • Carefully follow the instructions in the battery charger user manual.
Anataomically shaped grip for improved comfort LED lighting of the working area Slot-in battery with release button Multifunction OLED display with touch button
Anataomically shaped grip for improved comfort LED lighting of the working area Slot-in battery with release button Multifunction OLED display with touch button

Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool

Technical Specification

Type Of Action  Crimp
Force Developed 132kN
Battery Material Li-Ion
Battery Voltage 18V
Battery Current 4Ah
Length 406mm
Height 239mm
Width 102.5mm
Weight (with battery) 6.5kg
Opening of the Head 25mm
Operating Temperature Range -15ºC – +50ºC
Cembre B1300-C Battery Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Order Code – Cembre B1300-CE

LV- HV Cable Crimping Applications

The Cembre B1300-CE cordless hydraulic crimping tool with new 18V Li-Ion battery has the following crimp ranges:

  • LV Lugs & Splices – up to 400sqmm cable conductors
  • Insulated Terminals – up to 240sqmm cable conductors
  • HV Lugs & Splices – up to 400sqmm cable conductors
  • “C” Sleeve Connectors – up to 185sqmm cable conductors
Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Cembre B1300-CE Battery Crimping Tool & Carry Case

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Contact T&D to discuss crimping cables at MV-HV, including 11kV-33kV, to ensure correct Cembre tool, lug/splice and die set selection.

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