ACSR/TW Overhead Line Conductor


ACSR/TW Overhead line conductor

  • Aluminium Conductor
  • Steel Reinforced
  • Trapezoidal Shaped Aluminium Strands.
  • Bare

ACSR/TW used as a bare overhead conductor. There are two designs of ACSR/TW. One design gives an equal area of aluminium when compared to the standard ACSR conductor sizes. The other design gives an overall outside diameter equal to standard ACSR conductor sizes.

Use of this conductor in the equal area design allows equal ampacity in a smaller diameter conductor when compared with standard ACSR conductor. Use of this conductor in the equal diameter design allows more ampacity in an equal diameter conductor when compared with standard ACSR conductor.

Bare conductor meets or exceeds the following ASTM specifications:

  • B779 Shaped Wire Compact Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminium Conductors, Coated-Reinforced (ACSR/TW).
ACSR/TW Conductor Types
  • Partridge, Linnet, Oriole, Merlin, Flicker, Hawk, Hen, Parakeet, Dove, Swift, Rook, Scoter, Grosbeak, Tern, Puffin, Condor, Drake, Canary, Phoenix, Rail, Cardinal, Snowbird, Ortolan, Curlew, Avocet, Bluejay, Finch, Oxbird, Bunting, Grackle, Scissortail, Bittern, Pheasant, Dipper, Martin, Bobolink, Plover, Lapwing, Falcon, Chukar, Bluebird, Mackenzie, Thames, St. Croix, Miramichi, Merrimack, Platte, Potomac, Rio Grande, Schuylkill, Pecos, Pee Dee, James, Athabaska, Cumberland, Powder, Santee

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