Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool (up to 150sqmm cables)

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Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool (up to 150sqmm cables)

Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool (up to 150sqmm cables LV HV)

LV-HV Cable Crimping Tools


Cembre HT45-E hydraulic crimping tool is a manual tool for the crimping of low and high voltage cable lugs, splices and connectors up to 150sqmm.

Cembre HT45-E crimping tool is lightweight and ideal for use on overhead lines and other LV-HV cable jointing, splicing and terminating applications. The hydraulic crimping tool features spring loaded handles allowing the Cembre die sets to be advanced with one hand – the other hand free to position the electrical connector prior to crimping.

In addition, the crimp tool head is fully rotatable through 180 degrees for ease of use and comfort for the user enabling crimping in confined or restricted areas including LV-HV switchgear, substations and electrical panels. The built in safety valve will also by-pass the oil supply when maximum pressure has been reached.

The Cembre HT45-E crimping tool is suitable for installing electrical compression connectors for conductors up to 150sqmm (300 MCM).

Cembre HT45-E crimping tool


  • Rated Operating Pressure: 600 bar (8,700 psi)
  • Dimensions: Length 346mm, Width (handles closed) 130mm, Width (handles open) 250mm
  • Cable Crimper Weight: 2kg
  • Oil: AGIP ARNICA 32 or SHELL TELLUS TX 32 / equivalent (Approved by Cembre)

Cembre crimping tools should be cleaned daily (or after use) with a clean cloth removing any residue in particular particles close to pivots and moveable parts. Every six months it is essential Cembre HT45-Echeck the oil level in the reservoir. If necessary fill oil level to the top lip and remove any excess air from the reservoir.

Dust, sand and dirt are a danger for any hydraulic device. Every day, after use, the HT45-E tool must be cleaned with a clean cloth, taking care to remove any residual, especially close to pivots and moveable parts.

For storage and protection the Cembre HT45-E tool is supplied in a robust carrying case for storage of the crimping tool and up to 20 sets of die sets.

  • Dimensions 445x290x95mm

HT45-E Crimping Tool Main Applications

LV Cable Lugs Splices C Sleeve Connectors HV Cable Lugs Splices
4-150sqmm 35sqmm 4-70sqmm


HT45-E Dimensions

Cable Crimping Force  Length Width Weight
50kN 346mm 130mm 2kg
Cembre HT45-E

Cembre HT45-E allows the user to advance the dies with one hand freeing the other hand to keep the connector in place


Cembre HT45-E

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

User Instructions

  • Select the appropriate die set for the connectors (crimp lugs or splices)

    Cembre HT45-E

    Cembre HT45-E, Reliable Cable Crimping

  • Open the latch and release the upper die holder of the Cembre HT45-E crimping tool
  • Insert one die into the upper die holder and one die into the lower die holder
  • Close the latch
  • Remove the handle holder to release the moveable handle
  • Insert the conductor into the connector (crimp lug or splice)
  • Locate the connector between the crimping dies at the desired crimp position
  • Operate the crimp tool moveable handle to build up pressure and close dies (see picture)
  • Operate the moveable handle, the ram will advance until crimp dies meet
  • Press the pressure release lever for rapid retraction of the the ram
  • The dies will re-open to release the crimped connector from the HT45-E crimp tool
  • After crimping completion press the release lever to release oil pressure

Cembre HT45-E is the HT45 crimp tool with VAL P1 plastic case.

Crimping Tool Cembre HT45E

Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool

Technical Specification

Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool Specification
Width (handles closed) 130mm
Width (handles open) 250mm
Length 346mm
Crimping Force Developed 50kN
Type of Action Crimp / Compression
Weight (without crimp dies) 2kg

Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool


The following information provides some general advice of the operation and maintenance of Cembre HT45-E crimping tool – for further information contact Thorne & Derrick.

Fig 3 HT51 Maintenance

Air in the hydraulic circuit may affect the performance of the Cembre HT45-E tool; e.g. no lower die advancement, slow advancement of the lower die; lower die pulsating.

In this case proceed as follows:

To purge air bubbles from hydraulic circuit

a Hold HT45-E tool upright in a vice with handles open (Fig. 3).

b Unscrew the main handle (04) from the body (13) to expose the rubber oil reservoir (03).

c Remove reservoir cap (02).

d Operate moveable handle (36) several times, in order to advance the ram (16).

e Press the pressure release lever (44) to retract the ram (16), discharge oil pressure from the circuit and return all oil to the reservoir.

f Repeat points (d e) five times, to ensure all air bubbles in the hydraulic circuit are purged into the reservoir.

g Remove all air from reservoir.

If the oil level is low,top up as directed in paragraph 4.2.

h Fit reservoir cap (02).

i – Assemble main handle (04) to Cembre HT45-E tool body.

If the tool continues to malfunction, return the tool for service/repair as detailed in § 5.

Oil top up

Every six months check the oil level in the reservoir. If necessary, top up the oil level to the top lip of the reservoir and remove all air from the reservoir, see 4.1, points a, b, c and e, finally, complete with operations h and i.

Always use clean recommended oil, see § 1.

Do not use old or recycled oil.

Do not use hydraulic brake fluid.

➡ Ensure that disposal of used oil is in accordance with current legislation.

Cembre HT45-E

Cembre HT45-E Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Cembre HT45-E

Cembre HT45-E supplied with protective carrying case, tool manual and crimp die sets


Die Set Options

A complete range of die sets are available for crimping all types of LV-HV cable lugs and connectors for use with the Cembre HT45-E tool up to 150sqmm.

Cable Conductor Size A Range Lugs LV 600/1000V 2A Range Lugs MV HV 11kV 33kV Flexible Copper Lugs
4sqmm ME1 ME1
6sqmm ME1 ME1
10sqmm ME2 ME2
16sqmm ME3 ME3
25sqmm ME5 ME5
35sqmm ME7 ME7 ME9
50sqmm ME10 ME10 ME12
70sqmm ME14 ME14 ME17
95sqmm ME19 ME19 ME20
120sqmm ME24 ME24 ME29
150sqmm ME30 ME30
Cembre Crimping Tools

Cembre offer a range of crimping tools including HT51 | HT120 | HT81-U | HT131-C | HT131LN-C | HT131-UC

LV- HV Cable Crimping Applications

Cembre HT45-E hydraulic crimping tool is generally used to terminate conductors during the installation of LV cable glands (up to 150sqmm) or MV HV joints and terminations (up to 70sqmm) – this includes both Cold Shrink and heat shrink types.

  • LV Cable Lugs & Splices – up to 150sqmm cable conductors
  • HV Cable Lugs & Splices (11kV-33kV) – up to 70sqmm cable conductors
  • “C” Sleeve Copper Connectors – up to 35sqmm cable conductors

➡ For Cembre electrical connections, see Cable Crimps, Lugs & Connectors

Contact T&D to discuss crimping cables at MV-HV, including 11kV-33kV, to ensure correct Cembre tool, lug/splice and die set selection – visit battery crimping tools for repetitive crimping of cables without strain injury or worker fatigue.

Full range of battery cable cutting tools also available.

Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool And Case

Cembre HT45-E Crimping Tool & Case



Cembre provides a matched crimping system to ensure secure LV MV HV electrical connections (lugs and splices) manufactured from copper or aluminium in accordance with CE Marking and international standards – includes a full range of nest, indentor and die sets compatible with their hydraulic and battery crimping tools, all manufactured by Cembre.

Cembre Copper Tube Connectors & Cable Lugs

Copper Conductor sqm Connector Hexagonal Crimp Indent Crimp
Low Str Flex Terminal Lug Through Connector Die Set No of Crimps* Nest Indentor No of Crimps
4-6 A1-M L1-M ME1 1 MA1 PA1 1
10 A2-M
L2-M ME2 1 MA2.3 PA5 1
16 A3-M
L3-M ME3 1 1
25 A5-M
L5-M ME5 1 MA5 1
35 25
L7-M ME7 1 MA7 PA10 1
35 A9-M ME9 1 MA9 1
50 50 A10-M
L10-M ME10 2 MA10 1
50 A12-M ME12 2
70 70 A14-M
L14-M ME14 2
70 A17-M ME17 2
95 95 A19-M L19-M ME19 2
95 A20-M ME20 2
120 120 A24-M L24-M ME24L 2
120 A29-M ME29 3
150 150 A30-M L30-M ME30L 3

*No of Crimps per end for Through Connectors

Cembre Copper “C” Connectors

Copper Conductor sqmm Connector Die Set No of Crimps
Run Tap
6-2.5 6-1.5 C6-C6 MC6 1
10 10-1.5 C10-C10 MC10 1
16 16-1.5 C16-C16 MC25 2
25-16 10-1.5 C25-C10
25 25-16 C25-C25
40-35 16-1.5 C35-C16 MC35 2
40-35 40-25 C35-C35
50 25-10


➡ See Cable Jointing Tools for a complete range of LV-HV-HV Tools to enable outer sheath removal, insulation removal and screen stripping from power cables operating typically at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and up to 400kV.

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