Cembre HT131LN-C Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Cembre HT131LN-C Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

Cembre HT131LN-C Crimping Tool (up to 400sqmm cables)

LV-HV Cable Crimping Tools


Cembre HT131LN-C hydraulic cable crimping tool is designed for the introduction/removal of large size compression terminations and joints up to 400sqmm.

The HT131LN-C cable tool features a hydraulic ‘C’ heads and will accept all semi-circular slotted dies, common to most 130 kN tools and has a large 42 mm jaw opening.

This crimping tool features a double speed action giving a fast advancing speed for rapid approach of the dies to the connector and a slower more powerful speed for crimping.

For ease of operation and installer comfort the Cembre HT131LN-C tool head can be fully rotated through 180 degrees enabling crimping in confined or restricted areas including LV-HV switchgear, substations and electrical panels. The built in safety valve also by-pass the oil supply when maximum pressure has been reached.

Cembre HT131LN-C tool has a pressure releasing system that can be easily operated at any stage of the compression and is supplied in a robust plastic case suitable for storage of the crimping tool and 12 sets of dies.

Cembre HT131LN-C crimping tool


  • Crimping Force: 130kN
  • Rated Operating Pressure: 700 bar (10,000 psi)
  • Dimensions: Length 538mm, Width (with handles closed) 144mm, Width (with handles open) 344mm
  • Cable Crimper Weight: 7kg
  • Oil: AGIP ARNICA 32 or SHELL TELLUS TX 32 / equivalent (Approved by Cembre)

Cembre crimping tools should be cleaned daily (or after use) with a clean cloth removing any residue in particular particles close to pivots and moveable parts. Every six months it is essential Cembre HT131LN-Ccheck the oil level in the reservoir. If necessary fill oil level to the top lip and remove any excess air from the reservoir.

For storage and protection the Cembre HT131LN-C tool is supplied in a robust carrying case for storage of the crimping tool and up to 12 sets of die sets.

  • Dimensions 620x380x135mm

HT131LN-C Crimping Tool Main Applications

LV Cable Lugs Splices C Sleeve Connectors HV Cable Lugs Splices
400sqmm 185sqmm 120sqmm

HT131LN-C Dimensions

Cable Crimping Force  Length Width Weight
130kN 538mm 144mm 7kg




  • With the Cembre HT131LN-C tool in the rest position operate as follows:
  • Select the appropriate die set for the connector.
  • Insert the die in the upper seat of the tool head until it is locked by die/head pin
  • To ease the die insertion, keep die/head release pin depressed
  • Operate moveable handle to advance the ram  8-10 mm (0.3 – 0.4 in.) and insert the die (90) into the seat on the ram until it is locked by die/ram retaining pin – To ease this operation, keep die/ram release pin  depressed
  • Insert the conductor in the connector
  • Position the connector between the dies and ensure the correct location of the crimp

Die advancement

  • Set the tool in the release position by rotating the fixed handle – the moveable handle will be released and the main handle will rotate automatically to the operating position
  • Operate moveable handle for lower die advancement – this first stage rapidly closes the dies to the connector


  • Continue operating the moveable handle – The tool will automatically change over to the high pressure stage. The ram will advance until the dies meet
  • It is recommended to continue pumping until the maximum pressure valve is activated and a “click” is heard

Dies re-opening

  • Rotate the fixed handle to release position Close handles thoroughly: the ram will then retract, with the consequent opening of the dies

Rest setting

  • Retract thoroughly the ram, operating
  • Keeping the handles completely closed, release the fixed handle which will rotate automatically to the rest position
  • The moveable handle will then be locked by means of the handle latch
  • Store the Cembre HT131LN-C tool in the case

Die replacement To replace dies proceed as follows (Fig 2)

  • Upper die – Take the die off its guide by pushing the die/head release pin: Insert replacement die until secured by the die/head retaining pin
  • Lower die – Take the die off its guide by pushing the die/ram release pin Insert replacement die into its guide until secured by the die/ram retaining pin: To facilitate this operation an advancement of the ram by 8-10 mm (0.3 – 0.4 in.) is suggested
Fig 2 Die Replacement

Fig 2 Die Replacement



CEMBRE HT131LN-C Crimping Tool Specification
Width (with handles closed)  144mm
Width (with handles open) 344mm
Length 583 mm
Weight 7kg
Force Developed 130kN
Type Of Action Crimp
Opening Of The Head 42mm
Cembre HT131LN-C

Cembre HT131LN-C

Cembre HT131LN-C

Cembre HT131LN-C supplied with protective carrying case, tool manual and crimp die sets

Cembre Crimping Tools

Cembre offer a range of crimping tools including HT51 | HT120 | HT81-U | HT45-E | HT131LN-C | HT131-UC

Cembre RHU131-C hydraulic crimping head is suitable for installing the same range of cable lugs, crimp connectors and terminals as Cembre HT 131-UC.

LV- HV Cable Crimping Applications

Cembre HT131LN-C hydraulic crimping tool is generally used to terminate conductors during the installation of LV cable glands (up to 400sqmm) or MV HV joints and terminations (up to 400sqmm) – this includes both Cold Shrink and heat shrink types.

  • LV Cable Lugs & Splices – up to 400sqmm cable conductors
  • Insulated Terminals – up to 240sqmm cable conductors
  • HV Cable Lugs & Splices – up to 120sqmm cable conductors
  • “C” Sleeve Connectors – up to 185sqmm cable conductors

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Contact T&D to discuss crimping cables at MV-HV, including 11kV-33kV, to ensure correct Cembre tool, lug/splice and die set selection – visit battery crimping tools for repetitive crimping of cables without strain injury or worker fatigue.

Full range of battery cable cutting tools also available.

Cembre HT131LN-C Crimping Tool & Case

Cembre HT131LN-C Crimping Tool & Case

➡ See Cable Jointing Tools for a complete range of LV-HV-HV Tools to enable outer sheath removal, insulation removal and screen stripping from power cables operating typically at 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and up to 400kV.

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