3M Scotchcast Cable Splicing & Jointing Kits Supplied For Marine & Offshore Cables

Published 22 Oct 2019

Marine & Offshore Cables

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Cable Repair, Splicing & Jointing

Thornre & Derrick stock and supply marine salvage and shipwreck removal contractors with 3M Scotchcast 82F submersible cable splicing and jointing kits for connecting flexible marine cables onboard vessels.

The cable repair solution features seawater resistant and flexible 3M Scotchcast 2131 resin which provides stable performance in offshore seawater exposed locations without comprising the flexibility of cable circuit.


Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, distribute an extensive range of Offshore Cable Joints to suit halogen free (zero halogen), flame retardant, MUD resistant, heat resistant and fire resistant offshore and shipboard power, control and instrumentation cables.

3M Scotchcast Flexible Power Cable Splicing Kits 82-F and 82-BF Series are flexible inline and tap splices for use on non-shielded portable power cables and cords. The cable splices are designed to be used on single or multiple conductor cables, depending on the voltage rating.

Submersible Cable Joints - 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splicing Kits - Dimensions

Submersible Cable Joints – 3M Scotchcast 82F 82BF Cable Splicing Kits – Dimensions



  1. One-piece removable cable joint mold
  2. 3M Scotchcast 2131 resin compound in “Unipak” container
  3. 3M Scotch 23 tape for sealing cable joint mold ends
  4. Clear and comprehensive cable jointing instructions

Thorne & Derrick also supply marine contractors with 3M Scotchcast 2130 and 2131 resins to enable cable jacket repair using flame retardant electrical insulating resins

3M Scotchcast 2131 Resin Features

  • Excellent adhesion to plastics and metals
  • Bonds to itself as well as most modern cable jackets
  • Tough, flexible and flame retardent
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Low exothermic reaction temperature

3M Scotchcast 2130 Resin Features

  • Flame retardant
  • Bonds to all modern cable jackets
  • Bonds to itself
  • Tough yet flexible
  • Unipak container for mixing and pouring
  • Excellent multipurpose moisture sealing resin
3M Resin

3M Scotchcast Resins from 3M Electrical Markets Division | Cable Jointing Resins


3M Scotchcast 2131 Resin – Offshore Application 

Flame retardant mechanical protection and electrical insulation of flexible low voltage electrical joints installed for flame retardant indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications. 2131 resin can be used to replace or repair cable jackets for both single and multi core power cables. Suitable for sealing the crutch and/or sheath when terminating multi core cables.

T&D are 3M Electrical Products stockists for their complete range of cable accessories including Scotchcast resins, Scotchcast cable joints, Cold Shrink cable joints, Cold Shrink cable terminations and Scotch tapes.

LV Cable Joints (Low Voltage Cables)

Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute LV Joints in Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink or Resin Cast technologies – multicore and multi-pair cable joints are available for immediate backfill and energisation of Low Voltage power, control and instrumentation cables 600V/1000V 3.3kV.

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