ICS IE ToughCat 5e S/FTP Installation Cable For Tougher Environments

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ICS IE ToughCat 5e S/FTP Installation Cable


This cable is a Cat5e S/FTP suitable for use as installation(horizontal) cable in tougher electrical and mechanical environment, including ships and offshore units.

Prysmian Draka Offshore Cable Standards

EN 50173-1; EN 50288-2-1

ISO/IEC 11801; IEC 61156-5

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) specification No. 6-827.50-2 and Lloyd Register approval system, 2002

Fire Rating: LSHF-FR(SHF1) : IEC 60754-2; IEC 61034, IEC 60332-3-24


Conductor Stranded copper wire Ø 0.22 mm²
Insulation PE, Ø 1.4 mm
Twisting 2 cores to the pair
Cable Lay Up 4 pairs
Pair Armour/Screen Al-laminated plastic foil around each pair
Cable Armour/Screen Copper braid, tinned Ø 6,2 mm
Cable Outer Sheath Oil resistant, Fire retardant and halogen free LSHF-FR(SHF1)
 Mechanical Properties
Bending radius Without load 8 x D
With load 4 x D
Temperature Range During operation -40°C to + 85°C
During installation -15°C to + 50°C
Fire load 4 pair 515 MJ/km
Maximum tensile load During operation No load
During installation 100 N
Chemical resistance Mineral oils IRM 902 (IEC60811-2-1) 7 days/23°C 4 hours/70°C
Diesel – IRM 903 (IEC60811-2-1) 7 days/23°C 4 hours/70°C


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