Ellis Patents Solus Single Cable Clamps (19mm – 75mm)

Solus Single Cable Clamps

Solus Single Cable Clamps

Single Cable Cleats

  • Manufactured By Ellis Patents
  • Brand – Solus
  • Cable Cleat Type – Standard Duty Clamp For Single Cables
  • Material – High Strength Glass Reinforced Polyamide
  • Cleat Range Single Cables – 19-75mm

Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, stock the complete range of cable cleats and cable hangers manufactured by Ellis Patents including Single Hole cleats for short circuit retention and cable protection of LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) and mechanically tested in accordance to IEC 61914.

Ellis Patents Solus single cable clamps are high strength glass reinforced polyamide single cable cleats for cable diameters ranging from Ø 19-75mm – these 1 hole cleats come in 3 sizes with single or double bolt fixing options and are suitable for outdoor or indoor cable containment.Solus Cable Clamps

International Standard IEC 61914:2009

Ellis Patent cable cleats with international specifications are used to clamp and retain LV MV HV cables including 11kV and 33kV networks depending on short-circuit calculations according to IEC61914 calculations.

For cable installations where corrosion protection is required, including onshore and offshore substations or hazardous area locations, see our complete range of stainless steel cable cleats.

Ellis Patents Single Cable Clamps

Testing Information

Solus Clamps have been tested in line with the International Standard ‘Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations’ IEC 61914:2015. Typical results are detailed below, please note that these testing  values are maximums and safety factors appropriate to your application should be used:

Classification Clause IEC 61914 Units/Classification Test Data
Double Fixing Single Fixing
Cleat Type 6.1.2 Non-Metallic
Temp. for Permanent Application 6.2 °C -16 to +120
Impact Rating 6.3.5 Very Heavy Pass
Flame Propagation Test 10.0, 10.1 Application Time ≥ 30s Pass (also UL94 V0 Compliant)
Axial Load Rating 6.4.3, 9.4 Newtons (N) 600N 1000N
Lateral Load Rating 6.4.2, 9.3 Newtons (N) Vertical – 7000N
Horizontal – 3000N
Vertical – 4500N
Horizontal – 2000N
Resistance to Electromechanical Force (Short Circuit Testing) 6.4, 6.4.5, 9.5 Cleats at 300mm intervals (withstanding more than one short circuit) 129kA (Report No. PDL-21-085.02)
Cable OD = Ø36mm
Phase Spacing = 125mm
Note: The ‘with liner’ version has a lower rating to the standard version as follows
1. Temperature range of -60 to +85°C
2. Axial performance lower that standard version. Contact us for details

Solus Single Cable Clamps


Ellis Solus Single Cable Clamps - Dimensions

Ellis Solus Single Cable Clamps – Dimensions

➡ The following selection table provides information to enable the specification or purchase of the correct Solus single cable clamp – contact Thorne & Derrick for further technical information, installation advice, samples or to place an order.

Ellis Solus Part Number SL25-38GFN SL36-52GFN SL49-75GFN
Cable Range Min ∅ (mm) 25 36 49
Cable Range Max ∅ (mm) 38 52 75
Liner Size (mm) 3 3 3
Cable Range with Liner Min ∅ (mm) 19 30 43
Cable Range with Liner Max ∅ (mm) 32 46 69
Dimensions W (mm) 100 116 138
Dimensions H (mm) 80 95 124
Dimensions D (mm) 60 77 77
Dimensions A (mm) 24 24 26
Dimensions P (mm) 60 75 95
Dimensions ∅ M12 M12 M12
Weight (g) 290 370 493


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The Video produced by Ellis Patents provides compelling evidence of the need to ensure all cables are adequately supported and retained to cable containment to protect against the devastating effects of short circuit faults: 118kA Short Circuit Fault Current | 0.1 Seconds Duration | 480V Low Voltage Cables. 

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