3M Scotchcast Cable Joints for Branch Jointing LV XLPE PILC Power Cables

Published 09 Oct 2019

LV Cable Joints

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Scotchcast Cable Joints

Branch Jointing Cables

3M Electrical branch cable jointing kits using Scotchcast resin are certified to BS-EN 50393:2006 – armoured and unarmoured LV branch cable joints complete with mechanical shearbolt connectors are available from stock.

Branch joints are encapsulated with two-part resin for electrical insulation and mechanical protection. Low voltage branch joints are suitable for both cut and uncut mains XLPE or PILC insulated power cables. For applications up to 1000 volts, the cable joints may be resin filled under load conditions.

Sicame Connectors

Sicame Connectors


Sicame connectors feature shearbolt technology for fast, simple cable jointing without resort to compression tooling and associated die sets – ideal for cable jointing metric to imperial, dissimilar sized and type conductors.

Cable Joint Connectors

Cable Joint Connectors

Service branch and mains cables can be 2, 3 or 4 core cables – branch joints can be supplied without requiring the mains cable to be cut (“uncut mains”) using the appropriate shearbolt mechanical connectors.

Armoured Cables

Earth continuity across wire armoured or braided cables is achieved by using copper earth braid and constant force springs.

Thorne & Derrick stock the full range of 3M Scotchcast Resin Branch Cable Joints for 600/1000V low voltage cable jointing applications for installation underground, overground or underwater – this includes both polymeric (XLPE) and paper (PILC) insulated cables.

3M Scotchcast Resin Branch Cable Joints


3M Scotchcast Branch Joints are easy to install by the jointer, cost effective and time efficient for reliable power cable jointing to repair and maintain LV electrical distribution systems.

The branch resin cable joints have a one part mould body construction and a unique top seal and fixing clips, making the installation process simpler and reducing the chance of resin leakage. The LV resin joints have foam seals at each end of the mould body meaning there is no need for sawing or taping.

3M Scotchcast Branch Resin Joints

Resin cable joints specially modified for oil, petrochemical, gas, mines, telecoms, rail and industrial cables are available – suitable for direct burial (underground), water immersion, hazardous area zone location or onto cable containment.

  • Straight/Inline
  • Branch (T or Y)
  • Multi-Service
  • Transition
  • Pot-end Joints

3M Scotchcast Low Voltage LV Resin Branch Cable Joints Kits

  • One part cable joint mould construction – quick simple installation
  • Top seal and fixing clips – reduced chance of resin leakage from joint shell
  • Range taking foam seals – no taping or sawing
  • Fully integrated resin joint delivery – safer, cleaner installation of cable joints
  • Complete with 3M Scotchcast premium 2 part cable joint resin
  • Branch cable joints rated up to and including 1.9/3.3kV


Specialist cable joints using 3M resins are available for extreme operating conditions and hazardous area zone locations with resistant to flame, fire and hydrocarbons:

3M Scotchcast LV Resin Cable Joint Kit Type Resin Resin Mould Power Telecom Instrumentation & Control
Standard 470W Translucent Yes Yes No
Premium 40A Transparent Yes No No
Hazardous Area 1402FR Translucent Yes Yes Yes


Cable Joints - 3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints

Resin Cable Joints – Features & Benefits Of 3M Scotchcast Cable Jointing Systems

LV Cable Joints (Low Voltage Cables)

Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute LV Joints in Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink or Resin Cast technologies – multicore and multi-pair cable joints are available for immediate backfill and energisation of Low Voltage power, control and instrumentation cables 600V/1000V 3.3kV.

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