Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal

Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal

Sealing Cables & Pipes

Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal is a back-to-back solution for openings with plastic pipes in walls, floors, decks and bulkheads – the Roxtec cable seal kits consists of two seals and one intumescent sealing strip and is used with a SL PPS sleeve.

The Roxtec frame parts are assembled to construct different sizes and combinations of openings to accommodate and seal LV-HV cables and pipes. Suitable for installation also around existing multiple or single cables and pipes.

Roxtec round cable transit frames are used to provide a reliable cable sealing ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability – Roxtec cable seals protect against fire, gas, water, dusts, pests, blast load and electromagnetic interference.

➡ Visit Cable Transits to view the complete range of sealing systems for cable and pipe entries on cabinets, switchgear, electrical enclosures and substations (LV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV) – see Rectangular Cable Seals for sealing round type cable ducts and pipe entries.

Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal

Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal

Installing Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal

Contact T&D should you require support on the installation of Roxtec RS PPS cable seals:

Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal - Installation Instructions

1. Remove any dirt inside the sleeve and pull the pipe through
2. Wrap the intumescent strip once around the pipe without removing the protective tape. This will make it slide better into the sleeve later
3. Break the protective tape from the strip and remove it
4. Continue to wrap the strip onto the pipe until there is 1.0-5.0 mm free space left between the strip and sleeve
Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal - Installation Instructions

5. Tip: Lubricate the pipe with Roxtec Lubricant to ease the sliding
6. Move/slide the strip into the sleeve and as close to the center as possible. For sustained water tightness after fire exposure applications place one intumescent strip as close as possible to each RS seal
7. Adapt the seal to the pipe by peeling off layers from the halves until you reach the gap seen in pic.8. The halves may not differ by more than one layer
8. Achieve a 0.1-1.0 mm gap between the two halves when held against the pipe

Roxtec RS PPS Cable Seal - Installation Instructions
9. Lubricate thoroughly on the inside surfaces and sparsely on the outside of the seal
10. Insert the halves one by one into the sleeve. Make sure the intumescent material stays in the center of the sleeve. For installations having sustained water tightness after fire exposure make sure that the intumescent strips are as close to the RS seals as possible
11. Tighten the screws crosswise. The seal will compress and seal the transit.

Sealing Cables Ducts

Sealing Cable Ducts With Roxtec – cable sealing modules consist of two halves with removable layers and a centre core which is removed to permit cable or pipe installation in medium/high voltage substations, hazardous areas and electrical infrastructure

Roxtec Cable Transit Frames

Cable & Duct Sealing Transit Frames – T&D Approved Roxtec Distributor