Cembre RH50 Presshead (LV 240sqmm HV 70sqmm)

Cembre RH50 Presshead (LV 240sqmm HV 70sqmm)

Cembre RH50 Presshead (LV 240sqmm HV 70sqmm)

Cembre RH50 is a hydraulic presshead crimping tool complete with quick automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 700 bar max.

RH50 presshead will accept die sets common to Cembre 50kN hydraulic crimping tools.

The RH50 hydraulic crimping head is suitable for installing the same range of cable lugs, crimp connectors and terminals as Cembre HT51.

The presshead weighs 1.6kg and is supplied in a robust plastic case which is suitable for storage of the crimper head tool and 20 sets of crimping dies – used to joint and terminate lugs or connectors on LV MV HV cables including 11kV/33kV medium/high voltage electrical systems.

LV Cable Lugs Splices C Sleeve Connectors HV Cable Lugs Splices
240sqmm 120sqmm 70sqmm

Cembre RH50 Presshead

User Instructions

  • The Cembre RH50 presshead is equipped with a “self-lock” quick male coupler which can be connected to a pneumatic or electric pump
  • Select the appropriate die set for the connectors (crimp lugs or splices) for use with the presshead
  • Open the latch and release the upper die holder of the hydraulic crimping tool or presshead
  • Insert one die into the upper die holder and one die into the lower die holder
  • Close the latch on the Cembre RH50 tool
  • Insert the conductor into the connector (crimp lug or splice)
  • Locate the connector between the crimping dies at the desired crimp position
  • Operate the pump to advance the main ram
  • Continue to operate the pump, the ram will gradually advance until crimp dies meet
  • Recommended to keep pumping until the maximum pressure valve is activated and a “click” is heard
  • After crimping completion press the release lever to release oil pressure
  • Recommend only Cembre Lugs & Connectors are used with Cembre tooling

Cembre RH50 comes with VAL P1 plastic case.

CEMBRE RH50 Presshead


Cembre RH50 Presshead Specification
Tool Width 75mm
Tool Length 196mm
Crimping Force Developed 50kN
Type of Action Crimp
Weight  1.6kg
Nominal Pressure Of Presshead 700 bar


Cembre RH50 Presshead (LV 240sqmm HV 70sqmm)

Cembre RH50 Presshead – Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Cembre RH50

Cembre RH50 presshead supplied with protective carrying case, tool manual and crimp die sets


Cembre RH50 is generally used to terminate copper or aluminium conductors during the installation of LV cable glands (up to 240sqmm) or MV HV joints and terminations (up to 70sqmm).

  • LV Cable Lugs & Splices – up to 240sqmm cable conductors
  • HV Cable Lugs & Splices (11kV-33kV) – up to 70sqmm cable conductors
  • “C” Sleeve Copper Connectors – up to 120sqmm cable conductors
  • Insulated Terminals – up to 120sqmm cable conductors

➡ For Cembre electrical connections, see Cable Crimps, Lugs & Connectors

Contact T&D to discuss crimping cables at MV-HV, including 11kV-33kV, to ensure correct Cembre tool, lug/splice and die set selection – visit battery crimping tools for repetitive crimping of cables without strain injury or worker fatigue.

Full range of battery cable cutting tools also available.

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