Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

Sealing Cables & Cable Ducts

Roxtec C KFO cable transit frames are light weight composite frame – the Roxtec frame is openable for easy installation around existing LV-HV cables and pipes. Suitable for installation also around existing multiple or single cables and pipes.

Roxtec rectangular cable transit frames are used to provide a reliable cable sealing ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability – Roxtec cable seals protect against fire, gas, water, dusts, pests, blast load and electromagnetic interference.

➡ Visit Cable Transits to view the complete range of sealing systems for cable and pipe entries on cabinets, switchgear, electrical enclosures and substations (LV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV) – see Round Cable Seals for sealing round type cable ducts and pipe entries.

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

Roxtec C KFO cable transit frames are attached by bolting and are available with or without a flange.

Roxtec Cable transit Frame Assembly

C KFO Frame

Should you require any assistance with the specification or design of Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frames please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

  • 1. Divide the frame into two frame parts.
  • 2. Lubricate all end surfaces of the frame parts with Roxtec Lubricant.
  • 3. If cables are pre-routed, reconnect the frame parts around the cables. Recessed bolt holes must point outwards, away from the wall.
  • 4. If cables are pre-routed, you will have to cut the gasket in a 45° angle, on the short side, to be able to mount it.

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

  • 5. Remove the protection foil from the gasket and apply the gasket onto the side of the frame that is against the structure.
  • 6. If the wall is 1.5 mm or less, the additional C KFO counter frame shall be used.
  • 7. Attach the frame to the wall, on the short sides, using two of the self-tapping bolts,
  • 8. Insert and tighten the rest of the self-tapping bolts. Maximum torque 7 Nm. To create the thread with the self-tapping bolts, it is allowed to exceed 7 Nm.

Installing Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frames

Contact T&D should you require support on the installation of Roxtec C KFO cable transit frames:

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

  • 1. Make sure that all inside surfaces of the frame are free from dust or dirt. Lubricate the inside surfaces with Roxtec Lubricant, especially into the corners.
  • 2. Adapt modules which are to hold cables or pipes by peeling off layers until you reach the gap seen in pic. 3.
  • 3. Achieve a 0.1-1.0 mm gap between the two halves when held against the cable/pipe.
  • 4. Lubricate all modules for the frame thoroughly, both the inside and the outside surfaces.

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

  • 5. Insert the modules according to your installation plan (transit plan). Start with the largest modules.
  • 6. Insert a stayplate on top of every finished row of modules.
  • 7. Continue to fill up the packing space of the frame until one final row is left.
  • 8. Before inserting the final row of modules, insert two stayplates.

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

  • 9. Separate the two stayplates and insert the final row of modules between the stayplates.
  • 10. Drop the upper stayplate on top of the modules.
  • 11. Lubricate all sides of the wedge sparsely, except front and back. Please read the markings on the C Wedge and turn it correctly before inserting it in the top of the frame (standard position). Face with “Stayplate this side” must always face a stayplate.
  • 12. Tighten the screws until full stop, approx 20 Nm (15

Roxtec C KFO Cable Transit Frame

  • 13. Optional wedge positions (anywhere within the frame).


Sealing Cables Ducts

Sealing Cable Ducts With Roxtec – cable sealing modules consist of two halves with removable layers and a centre core which is removed to permit cable or pipe installation in medium/high voltage substations, hazardous areas and electrical infrastructure

Roxtec Cable Transit Frames

Cable & Duct Sealing Transit Frames – T&D Approved Roxtec Distributor

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