Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frames

Sealing Cables & Cable Ducts

Roxtec GKO cable transit frames are a bolted together metal frame complete with flange – the Roxtec frame is suitable for installation also around existing multiple or single pre-terminated cables and pipes in one opening.

Roxtec rectangular cable transit frames are used to provide a reliable cable sealing ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability – Roxtec cable seals protect against fire, gas, water, dusts, pests, blast load and electromagnetic interference.

➡ Visit Cable Transits to view the complete range of sealing systems for cable and pipe entries on cabinets, switchgear, electrical enclosures and substations (LV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV) – see Round Cable Seals for sealing round type cable ducts and pipe entries.

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

Roxtec GKO cable transit frames are assembled to create different sizes and combinations of openings and the frame can be extended from the structure so that it can be bolted over multiple or irregular apertures.

Installing Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frames

Contact T&D should you require support on the installation of Roxtec GKO cable transit frames:

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 1. If not mounted at delivery, mount the gaskets to the short side.
  • 2. Assemble the Roxtec GKO frame around the cables.
  • 3. It is possible to use a GKO frame in cases with many cables in a small aperture.
  • 4. Tighten the fasteners firmly.

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 5. Place the frame against the structure.
  • 6. If the aperture is not made, the inner edge can be used as template.
  • 7. Center the frame in the aperture and use it as template for the flange hole pattern. Make two marks diagonally and remove the frame.
  • 8. Drill holes for two of the fasteners.

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 9. Fasten the frame with two fasteners.
  • 10. With the frame in place, drill the holes for the remaining fasteners.
  • 11. Remove the frame from the structure.
  • 12. Apply sealant to the structure with a thickness not less than 6 mm.

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 13 & 14. Smooth out imperfections on the surface of the frame by applying sealant to the joints of the frame.
  • 15. Attach washers or similar behind the flange to ensure a 2 mm gap between the frame flange and the structure.
  • 16. Place the frame and fasten it. Tighten the fasteners crosswise in small steps to the specified torque according to the fastener specification.


For increased resistance against crevice corrosion and frost wedging.

Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 1. Apply a final string of sealant around the perimeter of the flange.
  • 2. Smooth out the sealant so that it closes any gap completely all around. Consider the curing time of the sealant.


Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 1. Remove all fasteners holding the frame to the structure.
  • 2. Use a suitable tool to remove the frame from the structure.


Roxtec GKO Cable Transit Frame

  • 1. Prior to reinstallation, all sealant and gaskets must be removed and replaced.
Sealing Cables Ducts

Sealing Cable Ducts With Roxtec – cable sealing modules consist of two halves with removable layers and a centre core which is removed to permit cable or pipe installation in medium/high voltage substations, hazardous areas and electrical infrastructure

Roxtec Cable Transit Frames

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