Roxtec GH FL 100 Cable Transit Frame

Roxtec GH FL 100 Cable Transit Frame

Sealing Cables & Cable Ducts

Roxtec GH FL 100 cable transit frames are constructed from steel and have a high packing density and can be used with a GE extension frame in galvanised steel to cover the depth of a thick wall/floor – the Roxtec frame is suitable for installation also around existing multiple or single pre-terminated cables and pipes in one opening.

Roxtec rectangular cable transit frames are used to provide a reliable cable sealing ensuring safety, efficiency and long-term operational reliability – Roxtec cable seals protect against fire, gas, water, dusts, pests, blast load and electromagnetic interference.

➡ Visit Cable Transits to view the complete range of sealing systems for cable and pipe entries on cabinets, switchgear, electrical enclosures and substations (LV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV) – see Round Cable Seals for sealing round type cable ducts and pipe entries.

Roxtec GH FL 100 Cable Transit Frame

Roxtec GH FL 100 cable transit frames comes with bolt holes and a wider flange for easier bolting onto uneven structures such as concrete or brick.

Installing Roxtec GH FL 100 Cable Transit Frames

Contact T&D should you require support on the installation of Roxtec GH FL 100 cable transit frames.

Sealing Cables Ducts

Sealing Cable Ducts With Roxtec – cable sealing modules consist of two halves with removable layers and a centre core which is removed to permit cable or pipe installation in medium/high voltage substations, hazardous areas and electrical infrastructure

Roxtec Cable Transit Frames

Cable & Duct Sealing Transit Frames – T&D Approved Roxtec Distributor