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Published 30 Apr 2018

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Cable Terminations 11kV ENWL Approved

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11kV Cable Terminations

The following 11kV Terminations are currently approved by ENWL for use on their medium/high voltage cable network when jointing, connecting and terminating 11kV polymeric cables to indoor electrical equipment in substations or buildings and pole-mounted overhead line applications. All cables and conductors should be thoroughly prepared and cleaned using approved cable cleaning wipes prior to the installation of terminations, joints or connectors.

For private network installations the Nexans FB1 bushing boots are suitable for either straight or angled connections to switchgear or transformers without need for heat-shrinking. The boots are cold applied and type tested to 15kV for use with Cold shrink or heat shrink cable terminations. Also, the bushing boot can be peeled back for routine medium/high voltage equipment maintenance and testing by voltage detectors without need to be cut-off and re-terminated as with heat shrink types.

 Termination Location 11kV Cable Size sqmm Cable Termination Kit ENWL Commodity Code
Indoor 95-185 EH1029/ENWL 144516
300 EH1031/ENWL 144518
400 BM9364/ENWL 144519
500/630 BM9352/ENWL 144520
Outdoor 95-185 EH1030/ENWL 144521
300 BM9353/ENWL 144523
400 BM9363/ENWL 144524
500/630 BM9350/ENWL 144525

11kV Cable Termination Accessories

Cable Size sqmm Reference ENWL Commodity Code
Mechanical Shearbolt Cable Lugs – Offset Palm Lugs (Pack of 3) 95-240 144534
185/400 144535
500/630 144536
Insulating Bushing Boot Kit 95/300 144517
Bushing Boot Build Up Collar 144533
Bushing Boot Grease 144522


11kV Transformers

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Termination Of Cable Conductors

Cable jointer preferences and installation conditions of cable joints and terminations determine whether compression or shearbolt technology is used to terminate cable conductors. For instance, 11kV and 33kV single and multi-core medium/high voltage power cables with stranded copper conductors (Class 1) according to BS6622 are commonly crimped or terminated using hydraulic crimping tools (Cembre HT131-C) or battery operated crimping tools (Cembre B1350-CE) – these Cembre tools accommodate cable lugs up to 400sqmm. To install MV HV cable lugs with cross sectional areas 500sqmm and up to 630sqmm we can recommend the Cembre ECW-H3D crimphead coupled with the hydraulic PO7000 foot pump or B70M-P24 portable 24v electro-hydraulic pump.

The Pfisterer Sicon range of mechanical shearbolt cable lugs, terminals and connectors are suitable for the connection and termination of MV HV cables up to 66kV with copper or aluminium conductors (stranded circular, solid, sectoral shaped) without requirement for crimping tools – installed using no specialist jointing tools. The stepless shearbolt cable lugs have no predetermined breaking points in the thread ensuring the optimum thread load is achieved without protusions or need for conductor filing by the MV HV jointer.

11kV 33kV Joints Terminations Connectors - Nexans Prysmian Pfisterer


T&D are Approved Vendors of Electricity North West Approved Materials List & Assessed Products to enable the cable jointing, termination, distribution and installation of LV, MV (11kV-33kV) & HV cables onto ENW cable network from manufacturers including:

3M CATU Electrical
Pfisterer Nexans Euromold
Prysmian Ellis Patents
AN Wallis Furse
Lucy Zodion & Electric WT Henley
Sicame Cembre
Polypipe Emtelle
Tyco TE Connectivity NKT
Roxtec Alroc
Centriforce MV HV Cables


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