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Published 26 Nov 2017

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks - Cable Joints Cable Terminations 11kV 33kV LV HV

Scottish & Southern Energy Networks SSE

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks forms part of the FTSE-50 energy company, SSE with electricity distribution and transmission networks carrying electricity to over 3.7 million homes and businesses across the north of the Central Belt of Scotland and also Central Southern England.

SSE network consists of over 106,000 substations,130,000 km of overhead power lines and underground cables as well as over 100 subsea cables that power island communities.

Employing around 4,000 people working form 85 depots and offices answering over 1,500 calls daily.

In 2016 SSE gave 1 million to local community projects through the Resilient Communities Fund as well as helping 450,000 vulnerable customers identified on the Priority Services Register with 11,000 assisted during power outages last year

Thorne & Derrick are Approved Vendors of Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks Approved Materials List & Assessed Products to enable the cable jointing, termination, distribution and installation of LV, MV (11kV-33kV) & HV cables onto NPG cable network from manufacturers including:

3M CATU Electrical
Pfisterer Nexans Euromold
Prysmian Ellis Patents
AN Wallis Furse
Lucy Zodion & Electric WT Henley
Sicame Cembre
Polypipe Emtelle
Tyco TE Connectivity NKT
Roxtec Alroc
Centriforce MV HV Cables


➡ Contact us to discuss your requirements for Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Termination, Substation & Electrical Equipment including the following LV-HV Product Categories – our internal SSE commodity code database is constantly updated with new Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks products.

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks LV MV HV equipment

Cables – LV Waveform 11kV 33kV Triplex Link Boxes – Underground LV
LV Joints – Mains, Straight, Service & Pot End Cut Outs – House Service & Street Lighting
HV Joints – Straight, Branch & Transition Crimping & Cutting Tools – Cables & Lines
HV Terminations – Indoor & Outdoor Distribution – Service Boards & Feeder Pillars
HV Terminations – Separable Connectors Cable Duct – LV MV HV 11kV 33kV 132kV
HV Bushings  – 11kV 33kV Duct Seals – Cable Seals & Transits
HV Surge Arresters – 11kV 33kV Jointing Tools – 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV
EHV Terminations – GIS 132kV Cables Insulation – Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink
Earthing Materials  – Copper Tape Cable Covers – Stokbord & Tapetile
Cable Cleats & Clamps – Single & Trefoil Cable Lugs – Crimp & Mechanical

THORNE & DERRICK LV, MV & HV Cable Jointing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt

SSE cables, joints & terminations 11kv 33kv

Thorne & Derrick distribute DNO approved MV HV Cables including 11kV 33kV – this includes single and 3 core XLPE, EPR and Triplex cables plus suitable cable joints, cable cleats, terminations and connectors in heat shrink, cold shrink, cold applied and plug-in technology.

Cable Pulling & Laying Equipment LV HV

T&D supply Utilities & Approved Contractors with cable pulling products including cable rollers, cable socks and drum lifting jacks to enable the installation of low voltage and high voltage cables intro trench or duct: this includes single core, 3 core and Triplex 11kV/33kV power cables and LV waveform, mains and service cables.

11kV 33kV Joints Terminations Connectors - 3M Pfisterer Nexans Elastimold

HV Joints Terminations Connectors – 3M Pfisterer Nexans Euromold Elastimold


T&D are Specialist Distributors to the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s), NERS Registered Service Providers, ICP’s and High Voltage Jointing Contractors of an extensive range of Cable Joints, Substation, Distribution, Tooling & Installation Equipment approved by the utilities:

UK DNO's 11kV 33kV Electrical Equipment